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VDS- 8.5 Not many 'incredible' saves but eight saves was good.
Evra. 7.0- thought he handled messi ok, troubled at times.
Rio- 8.5- rock solid in defence, without him we would have conceded plenty
Brown 8.0 Solid. Didnt concede against a heap of pressure
Hargreaves 6.5 - Did well to adapt but didnt have any impact
Scholes 7.5 - Kept the tempo but utds midfield were deprived of de ball. No impact
Carrick 6.0 - Same as scholes
Rooney 5.0 - Wat was he doing in a holding role?- Bad move
Ronaldo 4.5 - Shame. Missed the penalty. Bit unlucky he had no support upfront.
JS Park 6.0 - Same ash scholes. Just didnt get enough of the ball
Tevez 5.5 - He tried but Barca dominated and had no support.

Nani-5.0 No real impact on the game
Gigs- N/A played the last 5 minutes

Your thoughts?

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Van Der Sar: 6/10 - Dodgy passing, but saved when needed to. Solid
Hargreaves: 7/10 - Great desire to do well and a great work ethic
Ferdinand: 7/10 - Usual solid at the back. No complaints
Brown: 6/10 - OK, few lapses but good overall. Nice passes at times
Evra: 6/10 - Defended ok, but didn't see his attacking attributes
Ronaldo: 3/10 - Shocking, anyone can miss a penalty, but terrible from there on
Carrick: 6/10 - Solid and good tackling
Scholes: 9/10 - MOTM. Controlled the midfield and showed us what a great player is
Park: 5/10 - Very, very little impact
Tevez: 6/10 - Tred, but never really got going. Good attitude
Rooney: 5/10 - Felt sorry for him. Out of position and couldn't get into the game
Nani: 4/10 - May aswell have stayed on the bench
Giggs: 1/10 - Didn't hear his name

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VDS 6 - Didn't need to do much, kicking was pretty poor though.

Evra 5 - Was given a torrid time by Messi and made a few very clumsy challenges. Didn't get forward as much as I would have liked.

Rio 7.5 - Very solid however luck not to concede a penalty (which in fairness was due to Brown's mistake)

Brown 7.5 - Again very solid except for the what could have been penalty incident.

Hargreaves 8 - Thought he was exceptionally good being played out of position, would have liked to see him in central midfield.

Scholes 9 - World class performance, was winning balls in front of the defense and was absolutely superb defensively. Truly brilliant performance from a truly brilliant player.

Carrick 6 - Was very average, would have preffered to have seen Anderson or Hargreaves in that position. His distribution and overall impact was very poor.

Rooney 6 - His performance merited about a 3 or 4 but I'm giving him a break for being played wide right, I mean WTF??? Terrible move by Fergie. Rooney had no impact at all.

Park 5 - Didn't get much of the ball, when he did he looked poor.

Tevez 6.5 - Wasn't great but to be fair he at least looked as though he was really trying to make something happen. He was being played in almost a central midfield role which was very confusing, both him and Rooney were played out of position.

Ronaldo 3 - Was absolutely SHOCKING!!! He didn't have any impact whatsoever and absolutely disgraced himself with the diving, complaints and gestures. His attitude was all wrong tonight and didn't seem at all interested. His reputation is the reason he doesn't get Penalty desicions (which we should have had). I'm not even going to criticise him for the penalty miss because I know shit like that happens but he was just awful overall.

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wow, ronaldo was not great today by any means but he was our ONLY threat and form of penetration going forward. He got bullied and fouled alot and did himself no favours with the constant moaning and screaming but what dives are you all talking about? I did not see any! He should have had a penalty! He was played up front and rooney was played on the right for his track back abilities but he offered nothing at all offensively.

However i think the game was pretty much how i expected it to go, i think we should look at it with abit more perspective though! We did not concede, messi was very quite for the 60 odd minutes he played, deco and eto were good but no clear cut chances and a clean sheet going back to old trafford! That is not too bad!! Bloody hell!

I said before that i think ppl were underestimating barca and they would most likely have the share of possession. We hardly kept the ball so its not easy to be much of a threat in terms of shots and chances!!

However we did a job, we can go back to old trafford with a positive outlook!

VDS-6...not a great night with his kicking, decent save from henry
Hargo-7...nothing offensively but did his job defending
brown - solid...7.5
Evra - 9...MOM...messi and and anyone else had zero on him today imo...what a display
Park - was amazing but he really offers nothing going forward in terms of end product or possession
Carrick..5- Not impressed today, barca's midfield passers were superior
Scholes..6.5.did his job well, experience showed today...
Rooney...3/4...he was put on the right for his track back abilities but since we hardly had any of the ball he hardly got into the game and going forward did nothing, shocking performace but played out of position.
Tevez - 4.5... got forward on a few occasions but again, found the goin tough
Ronaldo...5/6...our only offensive threat even if he played out of position, should have had a penalty...should have scored a penatly but hit the post but did himself no favours with the way he acted throughout the game even if he was fouled on numerous occasions.


Very poor going forward, needed to have more constructive use of the little possession we had but we did a job and the game is even going back to old trafford.

Messi versus Ronaldo?....I think messi was handled brilliantly by united and especially evra did great while ronaldo was more sharp as an individual however missed a pen but messi behaved better, did not moan and got on with the job. Neither play can really be proud of there performance. I think the winner will have to be decided at OT!

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Out of all these ratings,Scholes should be getting top marks on all of the charts and Ronaldo should at least get a 5 because he was our only means of penetration up front.I mean,come on,Ronaldo hates to play in a striker's role but he does it for team because the team is the most important thing.Lets rip Barca out of thier skins at OT

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VDS- 8 Quite a bit too do handled alot of long range shots well especially as many came too him late Our best player imo.

Evra 7.5 Messi wasn't at his best but still had Evra's number, but, Patrice still had a good game one of our best players again, always seems to be when we play bad along with and VDS and Rio.

Rio- 8 Did well considering no Vida with him and yet again like i said up there him VDS and Evra preform well when no-one else does.

Brown 7 Didn't see him do too much.

Hargreaves 7.5 Thought ht adapted fantastically well and deserve a good mention.

Scholes 7 Improved tackling, but going forward there was nothing from the maestro.

Carrick 6.5

Rooney Right, im not going to rate him because it will be low, but i don't think its his fault as Fergie made a poor decision leaving him on the wing, imo he should of left Tevez out and played Rooney there and started Nani.

Ronaldo 7 Wasn't bad our biggest threat forward im pretty startled people are giving him low ratings :O

JS Park 6.5

Tevez 6.5 Had one good run but lost posession too much.

Nani Not enough time.

Giggs - Did he come on :O ? I was annoyed because i didnt think he would break the record ha, well fair enough.
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