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VDS 6 - Didn't need to do much, kicking was pretty poor though.

Evra 5 - Was given a torrid time by Messi and made a few very clumsy challenges. Didn't get forward as much as I would have liked.

Rio 7.5 - Very solid however luck not to concede a penalty (which in fairness was due to Brown's mistake)

Brown 7.5 - Again very solid except for the what could have been penalty incident.

Hargreaves 8 - Thought he was exceptionally good being played out of position, would have liked to see him in central midfield.

Scholes 9 - World class performance, was winning balls in front of the defense and was absolutely superb defensively. Truly brilliant performance from a truly brilliant player.

Carrick 6 - Was very average, would have preffered to have seen Anderson or Hargreaves in that position. His distribution and overall impact was very poor.

Rooney 6 - His performance merited about a 3 or 4 but I'm giving him a break for being played wide right, I mean WTF??? Terrible move by Fergie. Rooney had no impact at all.

Park 5 - Didn't get much of the ball, when he did he looked poor.

Tevez 6.5 - Wasn't great but to be fair he at least looked as though he was really trying to make something happen. He was being played in almost a central midfield role which was very confusing, both him and Rooney were played out of position.

Ronaldo 3 - Was absolutely SHOCKING!!! He didn't have any impact whatsoever and absolutely disgraced himself with the diving, complaints and gestures. His attitude was all wrong tonight and didn't seem at all interested. His reputation is the reason he doesn't get Penalty desicions (which we should have had). I'm not even going to criticise him for the penalty miss because I know shit like that happens but he was just awful overall.
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