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United 0 Arsenal 0: Player ratings - Manchester United - Football - Sport - Manchester Evening News

Van der Sar: Quite an easy way to another title for the Dutchman his real business was done mid-season 6

O’Shea: Uncomplicated and uncompromising display from the Reds unsung full back 7

Vidic: Typically defiant effort to win the power struggle with Van Persie 8

Evans: Never put a foot wrong as a solid sidekick to Vidic 7

Evra: Took a battering during one bruising spell but came through it and back on form 7

Ronaldo: Never got into his full stride but didn’t unease Arsenal defence at times 6

Fletcher: Another reason to be disappointed that the Scotsman won’t appear in Rome 7

Carrick: He’ll have a headache after putting his bonce in way of a couple of piledrivers 6

Giggs: The 11 times title winner was unable to celebrate another with a vintage display 6

Tevez: No goal impact this time but he gave his usual whole-hearted effort but was he waving goodbye? 6

Rooney: Not as dangerous as normal in his left wing role but he certainly put in the effort 6


Park (sub Tevez 66) Busy half hour

Anderson (sub Rooney 90)

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No one had a remarkable performance,

Rooney was everywhere, anywhere tho. He showed his effort as always, and for that i`d give him a 7+. He deserves better than a 6 definitely.

Other than that, everyone was decent apart from the sloppy passes we made sometimes, mainly the midfield was to blame. But whatever, we won it :D

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It wasn't a great performance from the lads today. So i'm not gonna give any ratings.

I've never seen us sit back and get dominated in possesion at Old Trafford like that before.

A lot of sloppy passing and losing of possesion.

Still the main thing was to get atleast a point and that we certainly did. :D

A score of 7 all around for the lads. :thumbsup:
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