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kzc - Solid display by the goalie, not a busy night but was tidy and did the job when called for. 7

Hargo - makeshift right back, looked comfortable in defence, not as good goin forward but did the job - 6

vidic - until he got injured he was making sure he led the defence correct in rios absence - 7

pique - i feel sorry for the lad just sitting on the sidelines, would be in many other teams, gifted young defender, useful cover. 6.5

o'shea - again not as great going forward as evra but solid in defence -6

ronaldo -3-4 oppurtunies, scored with two, great passing and awareness, unlucky not to have had a hattrick, joy to watch and first time as captain- 8/5

anderson - did a decent job tonight, not very offensive but was tidy and kept things moving - 6.5

flether - dissapointing, good work rate but outfought a few times and seemed a little slow in his awareness 5.5

Nani - nice running and work rate but his "mission" to score was in the end slightly annoying when he should have passed to rooney who was free near the end, but was a decent display -6

saha - slow start but was starting to get into it...and then he got injured. I used to be a big saha fan, now he looks a shadow of himself and is actually a little annoying to watch . 5

tevez - worked hard and threatened but his awareness and final ball at times annoys me, rooney and ronaldo always seem to get the final ball right 9 times out of 10 when they attempt it but tevez should have been a little more aware of his sorroundings tonight. I think we could have scored more goals. 5.5

Thats just my opinion


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Player Ratings: Manchester United 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

Manchester United

Tomas Kuszczak: 7 - Rarely troubled in the opening period, had one significant save to make. Was efficient when called upon in the second.

Owen Hargreaves: 7 - Out of position at right back but nonetheless efficient. Got forward in support and added to United's fluency.

Gerard Pique: 7 - Had very little to do, dealt with Bolton's front two with minimal fuss. A huge improvement on his last outing against the Trotters.

Nemanja Vidic: 6 - No problems for the Red Devil's commanding centre-back. His experience provided comfort for his novice partner until his blood withdrawal.

John O'Shea: 6 - A steady performance from United's most experienced starter of the night. Defensively solid and willing to support his front men.

Darren Fletcher: 8 -Developing a maturity in his game, his distribution and ball winning remained second to none throughout.

Anderson: 7 - Not as busy as usual. His team mates compensated sufficiently. Showed only glimpses of his outstanding technique and vision.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 9 - Another stunning performance from United's stand-in captain. His dead ball technique stood out above all. Quite simply brilliant, the most effective footballer in the league by a country mile.

Nani: 5 - His usual effervescent self, however, an end product was not always forthcoming. He has a tendency to frustrate his colleagues and his manager. On this evidence, he needs to realise that there is no "I" in "team".

Louis Saha: 6 - He looks to be a little out of sorts. He snatched at shots and was guilty of being missing for extended spells. He needs a few more matches to regain sharpness.

Carlos Tevez: 6 - Unusually subdued. Linked up quite well with his team mates but his overall performance was generally underwhelming.


Wes Brown: 6 - Slotted in well as a replacement for Vidic.

Paul Scholes: 6 - Distributed well but had little to contribute to a result that was already academic.

Wayne Rooney 6: - Looked dangerous on the break but this was merely a leg stretching exercise for the mercurial forward.

Bolton Wanderers

Ali Al Habsi: 6 - Could have positioned himself better for Ronaldo's free-kick but made enough smart saves to compensate.

Abdoulaye Meite: 4 - Endured a torrid opening 45 minutes. He was profligate in possession and his positioning was not much better. Put out of his misery at half time.

Gunnar Steinsson: 6 - Arguably, Bolton's best defender. He remained combative throughout and deserved the same level of commitment from his team mates.

Andy O'Brien: 6: - A relatively satisfactory night's work for the ex-Irish international - he had little to do with the goals. He provided a more solid barrier that Meite.

Ricardo Gardner: 5 - Generally steady and not at fault for the goals but he will be disappointed to have allowed the hosts to enjoy such a rudimentary victory.

Matthew Taylor: 5 - Found it hard to exert any influence over vastly superior opponents. Reduced to defender/spectator.

Gavin McCann: 6 - Was to the fore when Bolton pressed midway through the second half, he had the tendency to breathe a modicum of life into his colleagues. His influence will become paramount to any attempt of Bolton staying in the division.

Joey O'Brien: 5 - Found it difficult to overpower the United midfield. Looks to be developing in to a decent prospect. He enjoyed his fair share of possession but struggled to make a significant impact.

Danny Guthrie: 4 - Wasteful in possession in the first half and anonymous in the second.

Kevin Davies: 5 - Isolated for much of the game but did trouble Kuzsczak with is only attempt on target.

El Hadji Diouf: 5 - Hit the net with a prematurely taken free kick. He was unable to make any significant inroads into a match in which his team were thoroughly dominated. Showed the odd glimpse of brilliance.


Nicky Hunt: 6 - Shored up a defence that was already fatally breached. He tested United with a fine shot just after the hour. Unlucky not to start.

Stelios Giannakopoulos - n/a - He appeared too late to make any impact.

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Tomas Kuszczak: 7 - Was annoyed Foster didnt start but preformed well making a couple of decent saves.

Owen Hargreaves: 6.5 - Very rarely in the game but reliable whenever needed.

Gerard Pique: 7 - Good cover player i hope to hell we can keep him for the future.

Nemanja Vidic: 7 Great player shows that every game took one for the team with the blow to the nose also.

John O'Shea: 6.5 - Played well. Very little to do.

Darren Fletcher: 7 - Seen better but in quite a steady game not much to do for anyone.

Anderson: 7.5 Still lacks the confidence to have a go at goal but his vision is fantastic and has a great eye for the pass.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 9 - The most influential player on the pitch involved in everything scored the goals job done.

Nani: 5.5 Was pretty much nowhere (got to rush these ratings now going out)

Louis Saha: 6 - Was nothing like a striker all i saw was him give away 2 free kicks dont think he had a go on goal more than once, hopefully he can get some more chances.

Carlos Tevez: 7 - I thought he was good just lacked the product at the end but he skinned them everywhere hopefully can do the same on sunday along with some decent finishing.

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Despite the relatively easy win, I thought we were poor and didn't show any ambition to go on and pummel them into the ground like we would have done last season.

Kusczazk = 8 Made two very good saves, one just before the second goal. Important saves there....

O'Shea = 6 Steady performance from the Irishman, nothing special

Vidic = 7 Tough, strong but went off unfortunately

Pique = 7 Didn't crumble in defence and played nicely

Hargreaves = 6 Out of his best position, but did well and showed hunger for the ball

Ronaldo = 8 He got both goals, one outstanding free kick, but didn't kick on from there to me
Anderson = 7 Did well, bit over-enthusiastic

Fletcher = 7 Usual, good player here......

Nani = 4 Yet another no show

Saha = 8 Very impressed. May not have had much possession, but held ball up well and linked well too

Tevez = 6 Not his best performance in a United shirt

Brown = 6 Good tackler
Scholes = 6 Not enough time
Rooney = 7 As you would expect, showed great desire to get the ball....

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Tomas Kuszczak: 8 - Wow we really have 3 top goalkeepers. His best game in a united shirt and has kept clean sheets in most games he's played this season.

Owen Hargreaves: 5 - Getting worse every game. I knew fergie would put him here for this game. This has been the one bad signing and he is just not united quality.

Gerard Pique: 6 - All right. Obviously no Rio and I wouldn't like to see trres against this fella.

Nemanja Vidic: 7 - Didn't put a foot wrong in this game or all season. People that say that Rio and Vidic aren't as good as Bruce and Pally are smoking Dubie.

John O'Shea: 7.5 - One of Sheasy's better games got forward well and coped well with Bolton's attacks.

Darren Fletcher: 6 - The old fletcher. Out muscled and didn't do enough to get a start against pool. Should have got forward more.

Anderson: 6.5 - Same as Fletch really. Has lost his early season form. Still will be a top player tho but again should have got forward more.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 9 - What would we do without him. Brilliant. I couldn't see us winning that game without him. Another quality free kick.

Nani: 7 Best nutmeg this season. This boy has quality and will be a top player. He was a little selfish and should be a bit more aware of whats around him. His quality of corners and crosses are underrated.

Louis Saha: 6 - Lord he got injured again. He looked decent but he is made of glass. Get rid of him.

Carlos Tevez: 6 - He lacks quality. Ran around like a headless chicken. needs to show more quality in up-coming matches.
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