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Personally I'd have given Scholes a ten. That is as close to a perfect a game as anyone could have. Pretty much agree with the rest.

Van der Sar: An easy way to add other 90 minutes without having to pick the ball out of the net 6

O'Shea: This was back to the old O'Shea marching down the wing 8

Ferdinand: Only one moment when Zamora eluded him otherwise it was comfortable 7

Vidic: Nothing in the Fulham attacking line up to upset the Serbian 7

Evra: A number of crowd pleasing raids down the flank from the Frenchman 7

Ronaldo: Some smart tricks but his shooting was a bit wayward 6

Carrick: A steady sidekick as he allowed Scholes enjoy centre stage 6

Scholes: Widened the pitch with every brilliant raking cross field pass - and what a goal 9

Park: Industry and penetration from the Korean but didn't have a finish 7

Tevez: This was another convincing argument for Tevez to stay 8

Berbatov: An hour of the Bulgarian at his brilliant best. Drifted all over the place to make a thorough nuisance of himself 8


Rooney (sub Berbatov 60) Immediate impact 7

Evans (sub O'Shea 61) Steady right back 5

Gibson (sub Carrick 68) Solid Wembley warm up 5


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It was an okay performance for Scholes. 15 out of 10 but by his standards that's quite tame. :D

Seriously how incredible is it that Scholes can still do that.

When he goes to Heaven Jesus is gonna be like whoa.

"Hey Peter"

"Sup JC"

"Check out who just came in"

"No Way"

"Yes Way"
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