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Still feel numb after today. Utterly utterly mind numbing what happened today. Every single one of todays goals for the Mancs was an Absolute gift.

The first one. Well lets not talk about that one. A joke. Thats all. But subsequently each and every goal was comically gifted to Man Utd. I have never seen a team capitulate so readily and easily. How on Gods Earth could anyone ever want to wear a tottenham shirt after today. Unbelievable.

We have to keep going. It is quite stunning how they seem to just get lucky with results going their way. Especially Villa and today. Heart breaking!

Pretty pointless thread now, I'm afraid it's all too late. And even if it wasn't you'd still have to put up with shit like we saw today.

Personally, I'm utterly sick and tired of this league. I honestly feel sick to my stomach whenever I see the ridiculous decisions like the one today, and it just makes me want to **** this game off altogether. This isn't a title race, it's a ******* farce is what it is.

Yeah, we can look back at the end, just like we do every single season without fail, and say that we shouldn't have dropped so many points by drawing with the shittest sides in this league, that's our fault, but when you see shit like I've seen today and realise that this happens every single year you just start to feel that none of it's worth the bother.

The mancs have had so many decisions go their way this year that I've lost count. It's more than any other season in living memory, and ultimately that one today was a defining moment as far as I'm concerned. So just give them the ******* thing like everyone wants to, and let's move on to next season where we can watch it all happen again, until that mother****ing ginsoaked pissheaded baconfaced old ******* twat retires, or someone actually stands up and says something about it, because until then it's never going to be a level playing field.

Totally and utterly worn out by this game which is dying a death.:bye2::bye2::bye2::mf_tongue::mf_tongue::mf_tongue::mf_tongue::mf_tongue:


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I guess the first goal... The defender didn't get the ball, he got Carrick's feet but Carrick did milk it.

He was going for the ball but didn't get it & it was penalty in the end.

Strangely I was more worried about this Tottenham game than I have been for a lot of other big games.

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The majority of members on RAWK are complete muppets.:rolleyes:

So it's no surprise reading their bitter comments about us.:D

They just can't give credit where it's due. Yesterdays 2nd half performance was sensational.

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Macheda's had his hair done especially.
If you can't tell by now that this kid's going to turn into one of the biggest twats in football then you're either blind or dead.

There we go.
Spurs doing their part by giving everyone false hope.
Expect a 60th minute equaliser followed by a late winner for the mancs.
Spineless cockney shitehouses.

Those horrible cockney twats.
They're doing it on purpose. You'll all regret getting your hopes up.

Musn't get hopes up, musn't get hopes up, musn't get hopes up.

Please hold on. Please. Just hold the **** on. Please. Just for today, Spurs. Have some backbone. Hold on. Take 3 points away from them. Please. Please. Just hold on. For the love of all that is good and pure in this world. Please. Just hold on. I'll let you shag my sister.

I'm refusing to get too carried about this, due to the Mancs breaking my heart too many times this season with some last-minute goals. The annoying Italian kid will probably come on and get one bounced in off his arse.
I can't stand Harry Redknapp, but if he wins this, I'll gladly lead the campaign for him to get knighted.

can someone kidnap that greasy italian who is on the bench...i dont want him to come on later

Anyone think Spurs look a bit like Liverpool today? very composed, bossing the game, excellent passing.

Tevez coming on for Michael Jackson.

I'd take great pleasure in shooting Howard Webb in the head. Best PL ref my arse - he's a biased charlie uniform november tango and always has been.

I'm practically in tears here. That's never happened before with a match that hasn't involved Liverpool


They still haven't played well since February. That's the sad thing. Just handed the title by corruption and capitulation

Great, Webb probably gets to ref Barnsley next week as punishment. I'd make him live in Barnsely, give him tits and a wig and tell him he has to ask everyone called Dean - of which there's 34,000 in Barnsely - if he can rim them.

It's not over. I refuse to accept that corruption and evil will win. United will lose to Arsenal and Wigan and Middlesbrough. We will win the Premier League.

Further proof there is no god. I'm a ******* atheist.

I'm surprised Webb isn't running to join the celebration.

Sadly I can only laugh at those of you delusional enough to believe 'arry could ever knock off manchester united. The 2 goals in the first half were just a secret deal he made with ferguson so the commentators could wank off about how much better united are as an attacking force compared to us, what with our goal scoring madness lately. This is the Ferguson Premier League after all.
I'm sure that Wenger will be told he'll be allowed to win 1 leg in the CL, provided they lie down for them in the PL, and then they'll fall over in the 2nd leg of the CL semi. It's up to the likes of Shitty Citeh, Hull and Boro to pull a miracle out of their arse.
Sorry, couldn't resist :rofl:

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Seriously how can you laugh at our responses to your matches when i have been on here for a couple of our wins and i can't tell the difference between the peoples responses on RAWK and the peoples responses here.

Seriously how can you laugh at our responses to your matches when i have been on here for a couple of our wins and i can't tell the difference between the peoples responses on RAWK and the peoples responses here.
By your reference to "our responses" I think it's fair to assume you're a RAWK member.

One RAWK member yesterday tried to say that the league wasn't corrupt and that if we win the league it will be because we've been the better team. He was banned shortly after.
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