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Ray Wilkins new assistant coach at Chelsea..
They seem to just get stronger.i like him.nice guy.
they lose Clarke and then get another ex Chelsea boy in.i think this season we are gonna have to fight all the way.
any opinions guys?.:)

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TheManc said:
Sky Sports will be worse off without him. Hopefully Gullet will perminantly replace him though.
lol yeah did you see Gullit back at SKy :D tail between his legs.....

Regarding Wilkins, I dont think he will make much difference to Chelsea.
Clarke wsas part of the furniture there and he will be missed.
Sure wasnt Wilkins at Chelsea in the Ranieri era? or Vialli maybe? :confused:

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Wilkins expects to work closely with Scolari in preparing for matches and helping with some media work.

He added: "I was on the pitch a lot more as a coach when I was with Luca. I will probably be helping Felipe more with background work, preparing team talks, DVDs, set-pieces, how the opposition play."

Chelsea currently lead the Premier League and Wilkins, who has had managerial jobs at QPR and Fulham and worked in the England Under-21 set-up, has been impressed with their start to the season.

"They are playing with a freedom but have still been so solid at the back defensively that has been so impressive.

"Plus there is the artistry of Deco who has been Zola-esque with some of his passing and creativity. That has been a highlight for me.

"Frank (Lampard) has been scoring goals again and it is just as important to re-sign players you've got in your club as bring in new players.

"Several top players have signed a contract with the club, which is so important."

ray wilkins on sky sports news

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I think with or without him chelsea will be a very strong squad and once again the main objective in us getting the prem, the diffrence between him and grant is so vast its not even funny, as far as ray wilkins i dont know how much he will improve chelsea, but I have to agree i respect him in the world of football.
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