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Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster insisted on Thursday German captain Michael Ballack could still transfer from Chelsea to the Spanish giants, providing he drops his wage demands.

The 30-year-old is out of favour at Chelsea and was not included for the English side's Champions League squad for the group stages and has been linked to a move to Spain.

But the German midfielder will have to reduce his wage demands first, according to Schuster.

"The door of Real is not closed for Michael, his footballing qualities are always there, they will still exist in six months, but it is essentially a question of money," Schuster told German sports magazine Kicker.

Schuster revealed negotiations have taken place this summer between Real, Chelsea and Ballack's agent, but the issue had stumbled over the question of wages.

With the transfer windon now closed, re-negotiations look set to continue in January when the next window opens, implied the German coach.
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