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Some thoughts

Despite what any rival fan may say they would all love to have Cristiano in their team - Including the Madridistas. The sticking point for Madrid fans is as an earlier post pointed out the cost it would take to move from Manchester United at this point in time. Do they think the figures being mooted are worth it? As with our own question of should we sell him or not, fan opinion is divided. The debate in my eyes is a hypothetical one anyway as he is our player.

One point of caution for us fans is that all the leaked stories have been, in my opinion, part of a very clear strategy used by Madrid "to get their man".

1. Find out if the player is interested. Big up Madrid - 9 European cups Number 1 in world etc
2. Find out if the club will sanction a deal, and, if not create fiction between player and club by having sources not linked to the club bandy about potential wage and transfer figures. Use such figures to scare away any other potential suitors to give Real a clear playing field
3. Use the knowledge that fans are fickle to cause resentment and doubt amongst the fan base in relation to the player. Thus further increasing the pressure on player to move on and club to sell
4. Create an impression of any potential move and rumoured "financial package" being a once in a lifetime offer puting pressure on player to act
5. Begin to talk down possiblity of move to further increase pressure on player to act by placing a transfer request.
6. Begin to talk down price so that when and if club is forced to negotiating table Madrid hold the advantage
7. Use the fact that a transfer has been agreed and the fact that the player has burnt bridges with the selling club to negotiate down the players financial package from the figures originally leaked
8. Job done - sit back and reap the benefits both playing and financial

I believe that we as fans can help to play our part to try to derail Madrid's pursuit of Ronaldo by getting behind the player and showing him how much we want him to stay and continue making him welcome. I know that for a lot of you that because he hasn't come out and said "I want to stay with Manchester United and Real Madrid can bog off" that he is now a person non grata but the reality is that he as with the majority of modern professionals has to consider that at some point another club may be a potential emplyoyer hence his non commital statements. I think any of our current team bar Scholes, Giggs and Nev would all be giving serious consideration to the offers that are rumoured to have been made to Ronaldo. So I don't hold any ill will for his actions. It is the reality of modern football. He has said it is a dream to play for Madrid yes but something that has often been overlooked was the fact that he said sometimes dreams dont come true.

We talk about loyalty because we give unswearving loyalty and expect the same back but in truth our expectations are often one sided because it always must be on our terms. How many debates about some of our squad players such as O'Sea and Fletcher for example have taken place about their value to the team? How many debates have called for players like these to be sold on? Yet, taking both these players as good examples how much loyalty have they shown to the club?

In Cristiano we have a real diamond - flawed yes - but a diamond nonetheless who will always be coveted by others. That will always be the reality and, one day he could follow "that"dream, but, let's not as fans play our part in turning that dream into a reality too quickly.
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