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Real Madrid sporting director Predrag Mijatovic says Sir Alex Ferguson's latest comments about the Spanish champions are 'out of order'.

Earlier this week, a Real director was quoted as saying a deal had been agreed to sign Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the season.

Ferguson, who fought off Real's interest in Ronaldo in the summer, responded by claiming he would not 'sell a virus to that mob'.

Real president Ramon Calderon subsequently accused Ferguson of a lack of respect and Mijatovic has also dismissed the United manager's comments.

"In the last summer Ferguson also made some statements that were totally out of order like this one," said Mijatovic in The Sun.

"Ferguson for us has absolutely no importance at all. We have more important things to solve now than respond to him.

"Each of us has to look at their own house and nothing more.

"Ferguson lately is making his statements in his press conferences and last summer he did the same thing.

"We're not paying attention to him. We're a great club and we're never going to answer any statement of anybody.

"For that we have tranquility. We have much more important things to do than bother with the statements of anybody."

Mijatovic also echoed Calderon's sentiments that the Spanish champions are no longer interested in signing Ballon d'Or winner Ronaldo.

He added: "You know perfectly well what we did last summer and for us this subject died last summer. Everything else just doesn't make any sense, honestly.",19528,11667_4671828,00.html
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