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Wazza1989 said:
i personally dislike Real Madrid. I would love to see them lose the Championship. Yes it's true there is a difference between this year and last year's team, they're working well, they look as a team, but for how long?...i said it before and am i'm saying it again: i hope they lose Barca...and see those arogant "galacticos" getting lost in the Universe
wha the feck!!!......They just beat Barca and wtf u mean by the get lost in the Universe..lmao!..just cuz they have Galatico as a nick

Real Madrid is the 1st European team i know and i have liked them alot so also don't care if United player go to Madrid or vice versa but i think Real is a good team with good depth ofplayers in every positon i can name every postion and they have 2-3 good backups for that Pos..

Barca is the most Arrogant team!..they are just ugh....they have all the players thy can have but still they don't co-perate well..

TBH i feared Chelsea,Barcelona,Ac Milan - but now hell nah i dont fear any...:cool:

The Day we JM left i never feared chelsea again...Barca well when Reyes scored that goal i lost my fear for Barca and for Milan well maybe i still have fear :p

The only team i fear is..INTER Milan :D
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