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Received an email today

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Not sure how they got my email address but...

Dear United Supporter,

Without doubt you will have been affected to some extent by the decision made by the Glazers to force Manchester United Football club to impose the Automatic Cup Scheme on all Season Ticket holders this season.

Indeed, it may be that this was the final straw for you, and you did not renew .

If you still have your Season Ticket, you have to find extra money for every game, and what will next season's prices be?

If you were not in the Automatic Cup Scheme before, the amount of that extra money may well be hundreds of pounds more than in the past.

While some supporters will be lucky enough to afford these increases, we at Fight For United recognise that hundreds upon hundreds of committed United fans have effectively had the match day experience taken from them, despite years of loyal support.

Whilst One United Members have not personally been forced into a difficult decision about whether to renew a season ticket, clearly the club's dual policies of having as many season ticket holders as possible, and all of them in the Automatic Cup Scheme, means their chances of getting a ticket in the Member's ballot for a game have been greatly reduced.

It may be that you are considering upgrading from a One United membership to a Season Ticket, but are worried about the effect of the Automatic Cup Scheme and another inevitable price rise on your ability to afford one.

The most obvious answer to these problems is the re-introduction of the League Match Ticket Book. This would make getting in to see United hundreds of pounds cheaper in one fell swoop.

Were this available to purchase, your financial commitment would be much easier, you would be sure of entry to Old Trafford league games, and be able to choose which Cup ballots were right for you to enter with your chances greatly enhanced if the LMTB still existed.

We can now see why all LMTB's were upgraded to Season Tickets a couple of seasons ago – by definition the club could not impose the ACS on LMTB holders, and so had to get them into the ACS in stages.

How ever you are able to support United these days, be it from in the ground, or priced out of it, we at Fight For United hope you will join us in calling for the club to re-introduce the LMTB as soon as possible to once again make going into Old Trafford an affordable option for thousands of Reds.

Not much to ask for is it?

If you are one of the thousands upon thousands of fans who feel strongly about this, but do not know what you can do, become a part of Fight For United and support the Re-Birth of the LMTB.

With Government Ministers finally commenting on pricing issues within football, add your voice and opinion too – go to where you can see how you can make a difference.
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What happens if you can't make it to cup games ?

I know many of them in the Carling Cup and Champions League are mid week which makes it harder !

I know selling them is easy to do but advertising them is time consuming and a pain in the butt !

I don't see The Glazers changing anything either to be honest.......
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