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Just as in the real world, Red News is facing the same problems that many are during the recessin; rising costs, lower orders and the related issues from the dreaded crunch, yet this website, one which we consider unequalled in terms of united news, attracts more and more free users who give nothing in return, and we're buckling under the disparity between more and more users yet less visible actual support for our mag and shop. It isn't our darkest hour yet but it is looming. To ease the crisis and to preserve our future we are putting a massive appeal out to the thousands of lurkers to stand up and be counted in our hour of need.

Subscribe, order a single copy or a shirt and help play your part in fighting for RN during difficult times.

We are setting a target of 20 new individual subscriptions, 20 single orders for the mag and 10 shirt orders. It may not sound much but it makes a massive difference to us.
Until we achieve that target unfortunately we will not be posting any news here as we hope you understand why we are launching such an appeal for our decent news users out there to give something back to what we think is a unique service. Thank you. Every order here counts.


UK 10 issue sub £30.00 inc p&p Europe 10 issue sub £35.00 inc p&p Rest Of The World 10 issue sub £40.00 inc p&p
You can also bag yourself an online sub for £10 which just gives you complete access for this site - both news on one page and all the VIP Forums -

Individual Copy. In the UK £3.00 inc p&p each copy
ROW £4.00 inc p&p each copy

See a FREE version of the mag as a taster at

BY POST. You can post cheques made payable to Red News, and send to Red News, Unit 136, 111, Piccadilly, Manchester. M1 2HX (please include your forum username so to gain access to all the news/Vip features)
BY FAX. You can now fax orders with your credit card details (name, address, phone number, credit/debit card number and start/end date) to +44 (0)161 332 8267
BY PHONE. E.mail your phone number and name and address to [email protected] and we'll get in touch.

And those kind hearted souls out there can help with our costs by making an online donation via paypal

You can support the site using well known companies by following the links at

and don't forget our Champions of Europe and Champions t-shirts, incredibly popular!

you can see the pictures of them on the news page, or click the link below to see our full shirt range at


It's probably against the forum rules, but I couldn't give. Red News is a top fanzine, with a bunch of top lads working behind the scenes. It's beena United fanzine for over 20 years, and is a top read. Much, much better than the official stuff which United put out, and you can have your say in it too.

Buy the mag, subscribe to their VIP forums (£10 for the year - worth it!), or buy the top quality t-shirts.

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Help out fellow United fans, like yourselves.

It isn't a donation, you are getting something in return.

£3 per magazine (£2.50 at the ground) a month doesn't really break the bank does it?

Every little helps.
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