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Sack Sir Alex right now. Does this man even know what hes doing?!?!?

He was the answer to all our problems, and now look at us! :mad:


But, seriously, the shirt sales story doesn't wash with me. How many people, even in China, are going to buy Dong shirts? Very few indeed, no doubts. But I can't answer the question of why we bought him.

But leave Alan Smith alone. He was a great player. But the bad injury he suffered has really ended that. Its nothing to do with a lack of ability. If he didn't get that injury, I have no doubts that he would still be here. Playing him in midfield didn't help, but at the time he was the best of a bad bunch. He was a fantastic striker.

I mean, remember this goal? ;

He was a good player for us, and definitely gave his all at all times. His desire isn't in question. Its amazing what some supporters forget.
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