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GeordieMancunian said:
I hate this, when a player who wants to join United because of the love of the club, then is spat out and sold and forgotten about. Yet another striker we've sold, just because they're "not good enough", just like Chris Eagles and Alan Smith.
This is bloody marvellous, we are in desperate need of a striker and we sell one, oh the irony!

That's a big harsh...I think. Imagine if you were Dong, I think he'd be deflated and disappointed, he'll probably return to his country and feel like a failure.

I can't tell whether you're joking or not... seriously? without doubt these are the stupidest comments I've ever read on this forum - including posts from the likes of abo! now thats saying something.

if you're serious you should be in a circus, not working for mutv.

"Yet another striker we've sold, just because they're "not good enough""

lol so you think we should keep him and play him and become a mid table club just to spare a few peoples feelings (not like it's that bad anyway, not many people achieve a feat such as playing for manchester united. im sure he'll be just fine and won't require counselling)? get real, this is professional sport, where if you're not good enough, tough ****.
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