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I have noticed that one of the things fans look for nowadays in up and coming games is not their team selection or who is injured or dropped but who the bloody referee is?

The appointment of certain referees seems to have a bearing on what fans will think the reult may be.

This weeks Premier games have the following ref appointments:

Blackburn v Spurs - Mike Riley (Yorkshire)
Bolton v Sunderland - Rob Styles (Hampshire)
Everton v Spurs - Lee Mason (Lancashire)
Fulham v Villa - Mark Halsey (Lancashire)
Hull v Stoke - Howard Webb (Yorkshire)
West Brom v Wigan - Peter Walton (Northants)
West Ham v Liverpool - Alan Wiley (Staffs)

Arsenal v Chelski - Phil Dowd (Staffs)
Man Utd v Man City - Chris Foy (Merseyside)

It will be interesting to see which referee has the 'controversy' this weekend?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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