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becoming a referee:
2 hour induction course
3 day course, both practical outdoor, and method indoor.
Safeguarding children workshop provided by NSPCC
6 11-a-side games, if under 18, must be younger than yourself

referee ranking:
i think i have seen it differently somewhere else, but this is from a magazine with joint publication from the FA, and the RA,(referee's association)
level 7; county junior referee, AR on supply league
level 6; county immediate referee, AR on supply league
level 5; county senior referee, AR on supply league
level 4; supply league referee; contrib assistant
level 3; contrib referee, AR on panel or National List
level 2; panel referee, AR on National List
level 1; National List referee

level 7; county wonens league, assistant referee WPL
level 6; regional & WPL reserves, Assistant referee WPL
5; Womens comb, Assistant referee WPL
4; Womens premier league, womens FIFA assistant
3; womens premier league, womens fifa referee/AR
2; Womens premier league, Womens FIFA referee
1; same as ^

compsed by me about five minutes ago, i sent it to two forum members, and one replied reccomending i post it i have
anything you dont understand, just ask ;)

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lol, i did it to keep it different to the rest of the post, will edit it in a second... and little tip, hold your hand out with all fingers together, drop your thumb down at a right angle, the one looking like an L is the left side ;)
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