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An Italian football team is a referee's nightmare - because every single player has the same surname.

Everyone in the squad - which plays in one of Italy's amateur leagues - shares the name De Feo.

And the coach, secretary, doctor and all 12 sponsors of the Team De Feo club, in Serino, southern Italy, also have the same name.

Just to add to the confusion, the team's ground is located on Raffaele De Feo street in the town.

The team was set up by former Serie A player Maurizio De Feo, 44, who he says he is going to talk to Guinness World Records officials to see if the team can claim a world record.

Locals also say he is unlikely to run out of De Feo players to fill the team any time soon.

One said: "The name De Feo is as common in this region as Jones is in Wales."


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lmao, that must be a real nightmare for anyone doing the commentary of their games.

I'd heard of some Welsh team who had 11 players called Jones but the De Feo's well beats that.:rofl:

At least the fans shouldn't have trouble making up songs about them all.

and #1 was De Feo
and #2 was De Feo
and #3 was De Feo.....


We all live in a De Feo world, a De Feo world...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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