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The conversation here is extremely informative.
We have older members here who have been
watching United for decades and they are always
happy to share their knowledge with the younger

I personally have learnt loads about the club's
history since joining this forum. very rarely do you
see a one word reply here because people try to
actually discuss things in an intelligent and
civilized way.

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The people:

Everyone here that I converse with seems to be a down to earth sort of person.
Everyone gives honest opinions and everyone shares experiences. Not one
person on the forum has offended me in any way and I share a joke or two with a
certain few every time I log on. A bit like your normal day, you see loads of people
and talk, but there are some you feel you can relate to more. I haven't got one
bad thing to say about one member.


Normally the conversation in the shoutbox is great. You learn about other people
and a little about yourself too. Of course there's posts that you don't agree with
and you can and should voice your opinion, because thats what makes this place
great. If someone made a point and everyone agreed 100%, it would be a pretty
boring place to be fair. If you disagree with something your view is respected like
everyone else's. No thread is stupid, because someone on the forum actually
believes that they are putting forward a valid opinion and it always is, weather
you agree with it or not.

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Like mentioned earlier, we all get on together. We have our differences like any other family, but the bottom line is Unity. We do discourage profanity/porn but everything else is generally acceptable.

This is, in the main, a site where your young United supporter could come in a chat to the "grown ups"!

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People here....

All walks of life, all nationalities, all ages, all diverse beliefs; all different "active" time zones; all types of characters, generally decent and amiable etc.

With some, you feel an affinity for; with some, you know it will never be. No matter. All united in one love for United.:)

Conversations here...

Some through shoutbox, some through postings, some through Private Messages.

Some banters/digs, some play-alongs/make-believes;); some serious/non-serious talk about football matters, some serious/non-serious talk about non-football matters; some personal background, preferences exchanged on a personal level between some people etc.

Some informative; some not at all; some just harmless 'noises'..

What a question... Lol.;) :D
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