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Oooooh eager beaver Marie, the questions are flying in now ;)

I am a Manchester United fan because of my father and the fact that I grew up watching United in the pub and on TV, inherited all the posters, magazines etc.

My dad's brother worked in Manchester when he was 16 and my dad was around 10 and I guess he just began to follow United from then on and so I then followed United.

As a youngster, around 5 years of age, I was stuck between Liverpool and United. My dad's friend was a Liverpool supporter and I used to be minded by his wife while my dad was working. So each evening I'd come home a Liverpool fan and the next morning I'd go to my dad's friends house a United fan :D

That lasted until a week ago :D jk, for a few months

Then I decided to go with my Dad, he's never wrong, and I've never regretted the decision since. :)
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