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Hi all,

My names Marie Williams...

I'm currently a student in my final year attempting to complete my dissertation surrounding sports fandom and in particular the way that you as Manchester United fans use this forum / website as a way of informing, talking about, debating etc your fandom, being the club, the sport football and so fourth.

I hope you don't mind me using you guys as a platform for my research and along the way may be asking a few questions to gain some answers.

I will be conducting my research starting tomorrow for approximately six months, if needs be I can keep all names anonymous.

I hope to gain some good responses and am looking forward to learning more about the culture and fanatics that surround Manchester United FC.:)

Many Thanks

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versa said:
Lol. That was not nice to talk to a lady, (lol....), you naughty boy.:mad:
I'm being serious. :p

Years from now I could pick up a dissertation by Marie Williams in my local library and the last paragraph could start...

In conclusion, I believe Red Dwarf put it best when he said... :D

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The plot gets thicker...:rolleyes:

We need our FBI man, Salford Red, to solve the mystery.

[And not to worry, all mods and admin, we are already showing good samples of how members communicate for her research.]

Marie...I will answer your questions as a life long United supporter....

If you answer some of mine !!!!

Q 1). Swallow, gargle or spit ?

Mouthwash . :D
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