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I think all players need a break at some point during the season. At United, we have so many big important games we need a massive squad and rotation is a must. No squad of 11-15 players could hack the pace all year long.

However, at this time of the year, we shouldn't be concerned about resting players anymore. We should be going into every game like it's a cup final. A must win. The summer is on the horizon. Players can rest then.

I think we really should go full strength tonight. Wrap up the points and then win the title at the weekend. They we can rest people for the CL final in the game against Hull.
Yeah I completely agree that no squad of 11-15 players could hack playing at PL pace every week.
Look at Martin O'Neill with Aston Villa, he tried this and it didn't work out in the end.

The reason the "top 4" are always at the top come the end of the season is because of the strength of their squads. We have a fantastic squad at the moment and have players fighting for every position. In the end of it all it's the strength of your squad that wins you competitions.

Again I agree that I don't think we should be concerned about resting players now. We have 4 games left, that's it. Surely all of our players are capable of that now. Like the OP said, Ronaldo and Rooney are well able to play 2 games in a week, but it's more of a precaution on Fergie's part.

I think tonight we should start our strongest 11 too. Hopefully get the 3 points and then Win the League against Arsenal. Then we can rest players against Hull if needs be for Rome.
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