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Keano4taoiseach said:
Constructive criticism is a good thing mate ;)

Also, there's a few names for getting rid of people you don't like or who oppose your ideas and voice their opinions, e.g. Dictatorship, totalitarian states, communism etc. :rolleyes:

This is a forum, a public meeting place where fans discuss mainly Man Utd and other topics.

Wouldn't life be so boring if we all just said the same thing and agreed with one another!!!!
Well said sir, did you copy this off a previous post of mine by any chance?

On the subject of negativity; there have been quite a few threads of late, all negative, who do you hate etc. BE MORE POSITIVE people!!!! Never mind who you personally hate, or not.

The most negative people are normally those who, like K4 says, are dictators. Dictators do not like a counterpoint.
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