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Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand believes his current defensive partnership with Nemanja Vidic is the most productive of his career.

The pair have been playing together for 18 months and Ferdinand believes this longevity is the key to their success.

He believes this has allowed the pair to get to know each other's game and their partnership can only get stronger as the weeks go by.

Ferdinand told the Daily Mirror: "It's probably been the most productive partnership I have had because we've been playing week-in, week-out together for the last 18 months.


"I've never really had that long playing with the same partner. At Leeds I played with Dominic Matteo and Jonathan Woodgate, but I never had the longevity I've got with Nemanja. I never previously had a situation where I could get to know my defensive partner's game and he could get to know mine until now.

"If you get time to develop a partnership and understanding with someone, both your qualities will come out and that's hopefully what we're seeing now.

"When I first joined United five years ago, I always said that as soon as we got a settled back four we could build from there, and that's what we've got now."

While Ferdinand believes the foundation for sides is to defend well, he also recognises the importance of attacking well and playing for the team.

He said: "The foundation for any good team is to able to defend well.


"You've got to be able to defend as a team. If it's just the back four that's left to their own devices you won't be successful. We've got a good defensive record because of all 11 players out on the pitch. As a team we're defending very well and attacking well.

"That's the reason we're doing well and on such a good winning run, because we're a team not individuals. That's what it's all about."

On the attacking front, United boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes Wayne Rooney could score against former club Everton in the Premier League clash at Old Trafford on Sunday.

He said: "Strikers tend to score in bursts.

"Wayne hit seven in a row and then missed four games, but he's been playing well since he returned. So the goals will come for him."

If our defense can stay injury-free for the most or all of the season it will be a huge help in aim to retain the league............,19528,11667_3000188,00.html

p.s (Richard Reds, I am not a wanna be journalist, I'm just posting information that most members of the forum would be very greatful and appreciative to read including myself when other people post articles......:) )
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