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Ex-England captain Rio Ferdinand and manager Roy Hodgson have been named on the Football Association's commission to improve the national team.

The appointments come one day after Heather Rabbatts, the FA's only female board member, criticised the group's all-white, all-male make-up.

Hodgson, 66, has guided England to the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil.

Ferdinand, 34, quit international football in May after winning the last of his 81 caps in June 2011.

The centre-back, who has won six Premier League titles with Manchester United, is the first non-white member of the 10-person panel.

On Saturday, Rabbatts accused the FA of letting down black and ethnic minority people with the make-up of the commission.

Following the new appointments, she welcomed "a degree of diversity" but said questions needed to be answered to a make the body "truly credible".

FA chairman Greg **** said Ferdinand had always been intended to be included on the panel.

"We have been speaking to Rio and Manchester United for some time about him joining the group - before we named the other members of the commission," said ****.

"However, as he is a current Manchester United player we needed to be sure that Rio had the necessary time to fully participate on the commission and not impact on his day job. It has been agreed he does.

"As a current player with forthright views and opinions on the game, we can look forward to Rio providing significant insight and experience."

Ferdinand and Hodgson join FA vice-chairman Roger Burden, former England manager Glenn Hoddle, ex-England defender Danny Mills, League Managers' Association chairman Howard Wilkinson, Professional Footballers' Association chairman Ritchie Humphreys, Football League chairman Greg Clarke and Crewe director of football Dario Gradi on the panel.

**** has previously said the commission would have no more than 10 members, although it is not yet confirmed whether the line-up is complete.

The group was set up to consider how to increase the number of England-qualified players appearing for the country's top clubs.
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Big Daddy
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What annoys me about these things is that I would much rather have the "best" people for the job, rather than someone who wasn't up to it - but ticks the "diversity" boxes. As it happens, I think Rio is a sound choice.

Rabbatts has her own agenda anyway, she wants some face time on TV.

Agonising transfer muppet
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Rio Ferdinand is absolutely the last person that should be appointed to this commission. He is a very poor role model to kids;

1. He has been suspended for drugs related offences
2. He always calls the race card to whatever problem he encounters,
3. ....then abuses his own race.
4. He mucked England and Hodgson around last year and then boo hoo, decided to retire when he knew that he had no chance of a comeback

Rio Ferdinand is a sad loser
Rio was treated like shit from England, being excluded for "football reasons", when he was clearly the best defender in the PL. The only way he could have made it better is if he turned down England for "football reasons" and not to retire. When has he ever "played the race card"? If you mean liking the choc ice tweet as to "abusing his own race" :cautious: I think you're confusing yourself. What Terry did was racist, agreeing to the choc ice tweet just acknowledged that Cole was backing his team mate even though he was evidentially in the wrong. Who gives a fuck about the drug test, its not like he was injecting. He is a money grabber though, no doubt about that.
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