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Our Rio is a pretty damn good defender.

Over the years nothing much has bothered him and to be honest not too many
players impress him.

His job is to stop strikers and WOW he must be one of the best in the world at

So after the Lyon game on Wednesday when Rio was heard to say: "Their lad
Benzema can play" - this is high praise indeed for the 20 year old Lyon forward.

"He is a good player and one with a big price tag on his head at the moment.
There will be a lot of clubs interested in him by the end of the season."

I know we have a thread about Benzema ...

I was interested in what people think of Benzema after Wednesday though ...

Then we can merge the threads ...

I would imagine Fergie will take that as a recommendation - but is Benzema what
we need ?

Would he fit in with United ?

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Fergie has taken advice from defenders before, Ronaldo for example..

I reckon we'll be in for him in the summer and if he has any sense he'll go to the right club and not destroy his potential at madrid etc!!
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