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Rio Ferdinand says winning the European Cup would be the "stuff of dreams" but insists it isn't the only criteria when determining a team's greatness.

The Reds defender said: "I think teams who are considered great teams have normally won the European Cup but I don't think it's the be all and end all. Some teams that have won the Champions League are not considered great teams, but if you do well domestically and then go on to win it, then obviously that adds to your being a good side.

"Before I came to this club, I watched many a time when I expected United to win the Champions League but they didn't, and the same thing's happened a couple of times while I've been here. Last season, for example, we had a great opportunity to go on and at least be part of the final but for whatever reason that didn't happen again.

"We'd like to change that. This club has a great history domestically and in Europe but obviously we'd like to be a bit more fruitful in this competition because we've got talent, we've got the numbers at the moment and we've got the desire to do well in it this year.

"When you are a United player you have to want to win every competition you play in or you shouldn't be here. Not many people have the opportunity to win the European Cup, or even play in the final, and we dream like everybody else."

Ferdinand could captain the Reds against Lyon. Club skipper Gary Neville resumed playing for the reserves only last week and Ryan Giggs has missed United's last two matches.

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eoininho said:
Direct reference to Liverpool!
And probably Porto too.

Our record in the Champions League is good but not great. I often point to the number of times United have reached the quarters and semis in recent years when arguing United's case for being a good European side. But in all honesty no one remembers these teams. Even the runners-up are soon forgotten in most cases. Man United needs to win this competition again. Hopefully, this is our year.
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