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Rio Only Cares About Silverware

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Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand knows very well that even the most promising season is rendered meaningless unless there is a trophy to celebrate at the end.

The 29-year-old, who has enjoyed perhaps his best season yet for the Red Devils, is determined to have a trophy for each hand once the final whistle is blown this campaign, and the next four days will do much to determine whether that dream will turn into reality.

United will be effectively looking to seal the Premiership title with a win at Chelsea on Saturday, before hosting Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final decider next Tuesday.

"It's obvious we want to win at Chelsea," said Ferdinand. "Success as a team is paramount.

"If we win, we'll get the plaudits we deserve. If we don't, we'll get the criticism we probably deserve.

"Winning the league and the Champions League is what I want to round off the season."
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and silverware is what everyone wants....and a player should want it more than anyone else.......
rio has to be one of the best players of united this season after ronaldo....
the coming week will decide if we win the league and go onto the UCL final.....we just have to wait and see
nothing is more important than trophy at the end of the day. player of year, team of the year, most goals scored, least goals conceded, golden boot, etc etc, none of them is more important than trophy, it is trophies which measure how good the team is
rio's dead right in the sporting world your either a winner or a nobody,its very harsh i know but do you remember runners up and the runners up certainly want to forget the experience.
sweet fa said:
rio's dead right in the sporting world your either a winner or a nobody,its very harsh i know but do you remember runners up and the runners up certainly want to forget the experience.
exactly. The winning mentality is vital in a team like this. If Roy Keane
wasnt in our team, driving the lads on we wouldnt have won as many trophies
FACT......Its winners like Keane and Rio that make a team great and memorable.
These guys are born winners and hate losing at anything even if its cards
or tiddlywinks. and these are the guys we need in our team.
I respect winners immensly. Keane was my hero and Rio will become my hero,
mainly for their will to win and their mentality.
well...if we don't loose tomorrow..he can be sure..he will get at least the championsip medal...the champions league one...well.there is still a long way 'till that happens
Dont worry its going to happen were going to win both I am very positive about it
I am not that fanatical about "winning". If we have had a very good, entertaining season, then I am not wholly disppointed if, at the end, we finish 2nd. Its crappy I know but its not the end oif the world. If United do win the title this season, and we will almost know in a few hours, then it will have been the BEST one yet. We were 17th and being laughed at in Sept, oh yes, a VERY nice win indeed. And I will be rubbing it into them scousers big style if we do it.
carlyluvsunited said:


I agree winning is the only way we love the club but winning is the mentality we are looking for
Trophy is a sure thing if the team perform... By far I sees that Manchester United playing like champion... We ought to have at least one... Just keep on winning...
rio deserve silverware and tahts what he wants to since he joined us most of the season were thropless (FA or carling only) so our captin should get a thropy so he can always be remembered for his silverware
We at least deserve to win one if not both trophies...we played good all season maybe not the first part but we are the best team imo in both england and europe...not winning a trophy would be a massive dissapointment especially as this was the 50 year annaversary for the Busby babes!
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