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I read it somewhere too...and someone say something about him jumping and dancing around when Kiko scored that goal, anyone saw that or have a clip of it somewhere? Watched the replay of the match but couldnt find this part.

This is part of what i read:

The very humorous word on the grapevine is that Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand screamed in the face of BBC Radio Five Live commentator Alan Green at the end of yesterday’s match against Aston Villa. Green, the familiar Northern Irish voice of the Beeb’s football radio coverage, is not well-liked among the Red Devils’ staff and fans because of a perceived anti-United bias.

In addition to this, Ferdinand apparently did not take too kindly to being commentated on throughout the match from Green’s vantage point two rows behind him. The England international - sat next to Iain Dowie in the stands as he nurses a groin injury - was forced to listen to Green describing his every move, including hearing how:
”Rio Ferdinand is anxious as he looks on.”

Federico Macheda’s late winner provided Ferdinand with an opportunity to release all that anxiousness, and he chose the medium of a scream towards Green that was reportedly audible on-air to express this!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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