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He's seems to be no 1 for England but is only 3rd after Nev and Giggsy in United.

Rio Ferdinand set for England captaincy
England coach Fabio Capello will assess John Terry and Rio Ferdinand in training, with the Manchester United captain widely tipped to be handed the captaincy role on a permanent basis.

Ferdinand has long been the favourite to take over from Chelsea's Terry, who lost support within the Football Association last year for his aggressive on-pitch antics, which were not deemed suitable for an England captain.

Although Terry has since won plenty of plaudits for his wholehearted displays and his dignity after missing the decisive penalty in the Champions League final, Capello is thought to prefer Ferdinand in the role long-term.

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shout as me as much as like i still beleive gerrard should be captin of england.
i love rio hes by far the best defender in the world but hes not got the experance as captin as gerrard has got. hense why i think gerrard should get it for the good of england
terry to be no were near that armband hes useless as a skipper

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Jazz 16 said:
Now now, behave!!
If you slagged Ireland like that Id have you for breakfast.....
so play nice with our fellow Englishmen. Manchester is in England in case you hadnt noticed ;)
I'd never slag the land of my ancestors. I don't hate England, just the national team, as a matter of fact I'd like to live in England one day.
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