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My friend called me yesterday and told me the bad news :( Mike Dobbin the secretary of the London's branch club died on thursday. I had the luck to meet him 3 years ago when i came for the first time in manchester. He was a great man! He spent his life for united. he travelled all over the world to follow united. Europe, USA, Africa, Asia everywhere united played he was there! He is part of the club's history!

Rest In Peace my friend Mike. UNITED UNITED UNITED!

Thanks for posting that Pav, only met Mike once many years ago, never knew him personally or anything but he's known by thousands of reds.

(taken from Red News, there's more but i think it would be disrespectful to Mike and Red News for me to copy/paste onto our forum here).

It is with great sadness - devastating news to all who knew him well - that we have to inform you that well known United fan Mike Dobbin passed away of cancer this morning.

A great United fan - in fact though he'd loathe such a tag put on him, I'd say he's probably United's greatest fan - having only missed something like 6 games in 30+ years and close to seeing United 2000 times in 40+ countries. Wherever United were playing, Mike was there. He was an inspiration; kind, helpful to all who wore a United scarf and all round decent fella. One of the good guys.

Mike was a RN reader, and we have known him for a long, long time, always smiling when we'd see him as we were selling as he approached with a plastic bag full of programmes and wearing a shirt from whichever exotic destination had played in last. We will miss that. Boy will we and so many of us will miss him. I don't think there's anyone with a bad word for him, always keen to help others, moving from Manchester to London and running the London Fan Club these past 30+ years, helping so many in the process. Unassuming, Mike never has bragged about his record of going to games, just you know that if United were playing, he'll be there.

He liked a nice pint and it was always great to share his company. Mike only found out he was seriously ill recently and the subsequent concern amongst matchgoing support was like nothing I've known before such was the care and love for a United supporting legend; an institution at United, full stop. There will never be another to match Mike at United.

Players come and go but the likes of Mike were there, game in, game out, all his life and on Saturday we'd like all Utd fans to take a moment to remember Mike Dobbin. RIP.

Our thoughts and best wishes go to his immediate family and all members of the United family who knew Mike. It is a sad day.

Details of Mike's funeral arrangements have been confirmed.

It will take place at 3pm on Friday February 6th (an appropriate date and time for a Red if ever there was one) at Blackley (aka Blakeley) Crematorium, Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester, M9 8JP.

BIG RESPECT to a man who devoted so much of his life supporting United and helping fellow Reds. He knew the meaning of the word UNITED.

You're with The Babes now Mike. Rest peaceful.


I read on another forum that he watched us home and away for over five decades. That's a massive level of commitment from anybody. What makes it more special is that he was London based and travelled to Manchester for every home game. If anybody is deserving of the title 'Top Red' then it's Mike Dobbin. The club needs more supporters like him.

I think it's quite fitting that the last match he got to see us play was in Japan when we became champions of the world.


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never had the pleasure to meet him, even taking the london supporters bus, but rest in peace and best wishes at this time to all his family.
the ultimate red, you can tell.
i'm sure he'll be watching down on us with sir matt and the babes, again cheering us on to victory like he has done thousands of times before
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