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dlan4327 said:
Why is everybody saying Keane would be a dud signing for Liverpool? In my humble opinion if SAF wanted to buy Keane I'd do a happy dance.

Keane is just as good, if not better, than Berbatov. He's not just one of the best premiership strikers, he's one of the best strikers period.

When he left Inter Milan, Moratti later proclaimed letting Keane go was one of his biggest mistakes.

Moratti talks a lot of trash but that time he was dead on. I don't know why nbody else seems to rate him as highly as he deserves.

I'd take Keane over a lot of quality strikers. I'd take him over Eto'o because not only is Keane top class, he's good guy.
i rate keane highly
but he is not better than berbatov
berbatov scored the same number of goals that keane scored
but berbatov is too better
berbatov assist more move more and more dangerous
... it would be a great thing to sign keane before looserpool sign him
but if the scousers signed him
our chances of buying berbatov will vanish
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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