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Robbie Savage Junior catches the eye of Manchester United

HE'S a gifted footballer with talent, a sweet left foot who's being chased by four top Premier League sides – and he's only five years old.

But then hotly-tipped Charlie Savage does get tips – not to mention long, blonde locks – from his old man, former Wales star Robbie.

Charlie is training with Manchester United but is also wanted by super-rich Manchester City, and Merseyside duo Liverpool and Everton.

Yet his dad admits he wouldn't mind if son Charlie ended up playing for WREXHAM.

The talented left-footer was spotted playing for his local team by a scout from Manchester City and was offered a chance to train with them.

A beaming Savage explained: “I went to watch him recently and a guy stood next to me and said ‘that blonde boy's a great player' and he was talking about Charlie. It turned out to be a scout from Manchester City.

“They invited us to go and watch City against Arsenal and when we walked in one of the coaches asked me if this was the boy everyone is talking about.â€

Soon after, Robbie's wife Sarah was approached by a scout from United while watching Charlie play and then a Liverpool scout got in touch.

“Next thing my agent was calling me to say Everton had called to set up a trial with them,†said Robbie, who's currently playing for Championship side Derby County.

“He goes to United's development centre every week now and he's absolutely loving it. They won't decide if they want to put him into the Academy until he's seven or eight so we don't want to build his hopes up too much.

“Most boys his age just chase the ball around but he always seems to find himself a bit of space and time on the ball.â€

Savage, whose career started at Manchester United before playing for Crewe Alexandra, Leicester City, Birmingham City and Blackburn Rovers, insisted he never pushed his son into being a footballer.

The 39-times capped former Wales international said: “I watch games and see other parents screaming at their children but I've always just stayed in the background and let him get on with it.

“My wife was the first one to take him along to football so it's all down to her.â€

“We've got two goals in the back garden and he wants to play first to 20 nearly every night – and he's starting to beat me,†joked 34-year-old Savage.

“Charlie is obsessed with football. My mum says he is worse than I was at his age. He knows every player in the Premiership and constantly watches Sky Sports, after doing his homework of course!â€

Savage said he is proud Charlie has got the chances for himself and not had any special treatment because his dad was a Premiership player.

He added: “Obviously I would love to see him run out at Old Trafford but if he ended up at Wrexham I would be happy. I keep out of it because I don't want to put any pressure on the lad, it's entirely up to him.

“To be honest I wouldn't even mind if he wanted to be a builder or a doctor, as long as he is healthy and happy.â€

Dad Robbie said he will give his son plenty of advice about the ups – and downs – of being a footballer.

The controversial character has never been far from the headlines during his career so knows how to deal with life away from the pitch.

He declared: “I've seen it all in my career, getting released from a club like Manchester United and then working my way back into the Premiership.

“I've won player of the year awards and been booed at every ground I've visited! But Charlie takes it all in his stride because being around football is so natural to him.

“When I take him up to Blackburn, Roque [anta Cruz] and Benni [McCarthy] absolutely love him and he has a good laugh with them.

“The lifestyle of a footballer is superb so I would no reservations about him becoming one.â€

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red dave said:
Yeah but what worrys me most is that Robbie savage had a Laurence lewellyen bowen round to do the decor .

Hence people wondering whether he is Robbies or laurence's .
could be either as i'm sure those two fine examples of manhood both had a go and swapped ends at half time, my bets a bit of both....if thats at all possible lol.....give it 15 years or so the kid will either end up at the academy or at art school
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