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The world of top flight football is a lofty place. Where arrogance is expected and decadence is the norm. A world beyond most people.

It's a world where club captains feel it's okay to park their Bentley in handicapped zones, where the word reasonable is redefined on a whim.

In the last few years Chelsea have traditionally set the standard for outlandish salaries and purchases lead by captain slips-a-lot, John Terry himself.

Ladies and gentlemen I am here today to tell you the bar has been raised. By none other than Robinho himself fresh from his move to Eastlands.

Robinho turned up to Brazil training in a helicopter, not the best way to quash rumors that his move was more about lining his pockets

than filling his trophy cabinet. Perhaps more damning than anything the press could say was what Robinho said himself.

"I didn't want to arrive by helicopter because people will say that I'm getting carried away with success, but there was no other way.

Otherwise, I would have been late for training

Gee, you think? I'm all for depth in the Premiership but wages have gone so far beyond ludicrous that it's truly contemptible.

How do we start explaining to footballers that they are still regular people? That their flesh and blood is no different to anybody walking the street?

I don't say this out of jealously; I would refuse any sum that large if it was offered. Simply because I wouldn't be able to sleep.

I'm not adverse to earning a high wage but @ £150 000 a week I'd be wondering how many children around the world wouldn't earn that

in a lifetime of work. It's just money for the sake of having money. Surely they can't spend all that even if they live to 200.

So why ask for it? Why couldn't these clubs start giving money to those who genuinely need it?

Aston Villa do it and funnily they are one of the clubs who don't have that much to spare. I guess it's just about what kind of people operate the club.

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greed..its all take take take now...i'm waiting to see how the likes of deco and robinho settle in.and also see if in the really cold winter months,how they'll handle it then.but a helicopter,thats outrageous.more money than sense.

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I fully concur! I was thinking similar things a day or two after this City takeover... The amount of money they have is unneccessary, and as you say, they will never ever spend it all, if not much of it before they die! There's countries with millions of people, alot of which dieing by the minute because they cant survive, yet, we have these multi-multi billionaires, who instead would rather spend ~£500 million on something to which they'll gain no return, barring a year or so of excitement and self satisfaction... and it doesnt occur to them to maybe give a 'bit' to help.

Just a 'small' fact i read about this Arabian group/family... Everytime the price of a barrel of oil rises by $1/50p, they profit $200m/£100m...
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