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I remember how good he looked in his first few matches with us. He was lively, physical. I don't really know what happened. I know everybody points to the tackle from Pogatetz causing an injury that ruined his career but that didn't happen. He suffered neither a leg break nor ligament damage as a result and there is no reason why he couldn't have continued to progress. Perhaps it was mental. . . Maybe that tackle scared him and he didn't feel as comfortable with the physical side of the game anymore. I don't know, but the problem was definitely not as a result of Pogatetz's tackle.

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I was positive he had broken his leg. I didn't realise he hadn't and there was no ligament damage either.
Somebody retweeted something from a journalist trying to track him down only last week. He wasn't having much luck.

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Ex - Saints and now the Youth Possebon remember times Manchester United and praises Ferguson

The supporter Santos remembers him . Rodrigo Possebon wore the club alvinegro between 2010 and 2011 , but then " disappeared " . Now , the midfielder gives the guys again , as player of Youth , which gained access to the Brazilian Série C .

But anyone who thinks the highest level in the career of the young athlete of 24 years was playing for the club from Vila , is well deceived .Possebon was the basic categories of the International , but was bought by Manchester United , where he stayed from 2008 to 2010 under the command of Sir Alex Ferguson . He talked about the times in England ."Football is very unstable . You imagine that something will happen , but it happens other . Two and half years I was there ( at United ) and it was an amazing experience that I will carry for life , not just in football .

Had to pass by Santos , but did not get the result I want , as people imagined , "he said in an interview with ESPN Radio .He also commented on Sir Alex Ferguson , who Possebon sees as the best coach we ever had in his career so far. " I came here very young , 17 years old , and Ferguson gave me all the support , confidence. A Day in the Ferguson does not have a lot of training , he is a manager to take care of everything . Vanity There is no greater in the locker room , a guy who is above the club, " he explained." But I am still very new , I do not know exactly what has happened so I have not had a rise better. 'm In Youth Now , I'm trying to get back to the big clubs and playing career I imagine I can still achieve," he said.Access to the Youth came after beating the Metropolitan in the quarterfinals finalda Series D. Now , the opponent in the semis out of the confrontation between Mixto and Tupi , but regardless of the title , it is important that the classification has been achieved .

" The celebration was very large , with staff support . I was surprised to be in Series D and fans attended the games , nis not easy, it has a lot of long journey , the fields are bad , but we managed to trample all this and get access " spoke .

Lucas Sposito ‏@harris__ 7h
Former MUFC player Rodrigo Possebon is currently playing the Brazilian FOURTH division and is still 24 years old.…

Translated version above.
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