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The Ever Modest and Diplomatic Romario...

With all the negativity lying around after today's CL semi I thought I'd inject a bit of humor into the place. Have any of you read the article on about Romario?
It's good for a laugh. It's entitled "Romario: I Had Sex On A Plane And I'm Better Than Pele". Pretty self explanatory, really. Here are some quotable quotes:

The 'Baixinho' confessed to the press that he engaged in sexual intercourse on a plane when on a flight with the Brazilian national team:
"I did this when I started off with the [Brazilian] national team, in one of my first trips. I don't remember exactly when, We took a flight to Switzerland. The rest is history."

The 1994 World Cup winner said that inside of the area he is "the best of them all," and he also considers himself better than Pele. "Because I never saw Pele play, I consider myself better than him," reasoned the 42-year-old. "But I also know that there is only one Pele. There is only one Maradona as well. And Romario is unique. I don't see any successor. Inside of the area, I was the best of them all."

The rest of the article see him talking about "escaping" team hotels, when with Brazil. He claims he was so good at it even he didn't know he was gone.:D Smart alec. Here's the link:
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