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Roma's Totti: I want to beat Man Utd 7-0

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Roma captain Francesco Totti admits he wants revenge for last season's 7-1 drubbing at Manchester United.

He said: "This time I want to win, but with a 7-0 scoreline.

"The tabloids treat their return to the Olimpico as a journey into Hell? Let's forget about them, the tabloids only write these things to sell more papers."
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roma could'nt put 7 past us over 2 legs never mind one game,

good to see the comments flying already can't wait for these 2 games it's gonna be intense to say the least
keane7 said:
. what a waste of talent!!!
yea when we talk about overrated players this guy is top of the tree
SeanUnited said:
Yeah, only got 26 goals for the golden boot, he's crap :\
would you want him at united? maybe he did have a good season last year what has it done before that at club level? i'll tell you fcuk all
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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