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ARSENE WENGER has revealed he almost signed up Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Arsenal boss said: “Ronaldo is a great player and yes, we had him here and
were very close to signing him, he could tell you this if he wants.

“But Manchester United had the partnership with Sporting Lisbon back then
because Carlos Queiroz came in and tied up that link.

"That was the difference. One day, I will tell you more about the story and I am
sure you will all be very surprised.â€

Wenger gave Ronaldo a tour of Arsenal's training ground at London Colney — but
the Portuguese star opted to join Queiroz and Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

United signed Ronaldo, who is 23 on Tuesday, for £12.25million from Sporting
Lisbon in 2003.

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I cannot understand why Wenger would want to reveal such a small item of news at this time. What with Reals reported interest, then lack of interest, now Arsenal - could this be subtefuge by an agent to undermine Uniteds hold on what is now the hottest property in world football?

Ronaldo is by far the most valuable asset on the planet and I am worried that he is being "got at" in a very suptle way with "snippets" of publicity being leaked on average once a week. Players read these things and think "I can get X, Y or Z if I move!!"

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and if my aunt had a set of balls shed be my uncle . many players do the rounds before settling on a club . Sometimes they even sign kiddie forms .We had david platt and andy cole as young uns then they thought no chance they would make the grade .

if wenger thought he was going to turn out as good as he has he would have moved heaven and earth to get him signed on .

What a bargain

C Ronaldo 12.25million. He's an amazing player. Unmarkable, a nightmare for any defender. If you stick two defenders on him, you create room for Rooney, Tevez, Giggs. What a dilemma for the other managers. I take my hat off to Scholsey who's classey return shows that he's still a world class midfielder.... Then GIGGS what can I say!!!! This years potential is the most exciting I've known and I was at old trafford back in 1985! Let's hope there's no slip ups...
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