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All of Ronaldinho's many highlight reel moments with Barcelona had him wearing the number ten, so he is famous around the world for wearing what is tantamount to a sacred number in football.

Seedorf has occupied that squad number for most of his Milan career, however, and the fact that the Dutch veteran is not willing to give it up has sparked the first murmurs of unrest in the Milan camp as a result of Ronaldinho's high profile arrival.

Rather than go for the No 11 shirt made available by the departure of Alberto Gilardino to Fiorentina, Milan's new Samba king has instead opted for the number 80.

The rationale behind the choice for the number is the fact that Ronaldinho, or little Ronaldo, was born in 1980.

No word yet on whether the company that manages Ronaldinho's image rights is planning to change their name from 'R10' to 'R80'!
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