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Manchester United could face stiff competition from AC Milan if they should choose
to go after Olympique Lyon striker Karim Benzema.

Gazetta Dello Sport says Benzema has now come into the sights of Milan
following the shock knee injury to Ronaldo … the fat one not ours.

Jean-Michel Aulas the president of Lyon must be rubbing his hands with glee
now. To have United and Milan interested in the same guy can only cause a
bidding auction - and no doubt another ridiculous price for a player.

Should United back off if an auction starts - or is Benzema really worth big money … ?

What do you think ?
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To be honest, I would pay maximum £30 million for Benzema as that is what we could have gotten Berbatov for, who in my opinion is a better player.

We know Benzema is good, some call him world class, but these were the same people who called Veron world class and Forlan world-class.

The premiership is so far ahead of the French League, except perhaps for the top two or three teams. Benzema is playing against weak defences week in week out so obviously his record would be good.

However, if Fergie truly believes this lad is worth the money or the wait, then I suppose he must be United quality.

hmmm Rooney, Saha, Manuco, Wellbeck, (possibly Benzema) Are we missing. Will these
players settle for being used in a rotation policy or being used solely as subs. We'll see.
carlyluvsunited said:
Tevez ... :confused:
Oh yeah, fat man too!!!

Two or three top class strikers are going to have to sit on the bench if we buy Benzema and I'm not sure if they're going to settle for that, and you can't really blame them.

I think Fergie has to either offload Saha or not buy Benzema, just my opinion.
With Huntleaar available for around £15million. I doubt we'll go higher than £18m.

But what money?
We already have a mix between young and promising players and old and experienced, if you ask me i would love if we went for an little bit older this time.

We have a good mix between the goalkeepers

I'd love if we signed one defender who was younger.

The midfield is the best, young guns and older here is a good mix.

In the attack we could need one more striker tho as i said before.
wellbeck is no where near ready for 1st team action on a regular basis yet i predict. If rossi couldnt get into our team wellbeck will not either anytime soon unless we have serious injuries most likely. Though wellbeck is alot bigger which may make him more useful coming into games causing problems. However even Manucho is not a known quanitity yet so he is not someone who can be relied on either. Benzema would be ahead of manucho in uniteds pecking order i predict if he came to united. And if he did some to united i think united would definately sell saha even though when he wasnt injury plagued he was a very good player but it seems injuries have really played there part on him.

Uniteds attackers would be tevez rooney benzema and manucho should saha be sold...i think wellbeck would probably remain in the reserves

Another thing, i would be suprised if we got him. Lets see how he copes against united in the champoins league.

This summer will be interesting in the transfer market because last summer was so busy i wonder if this one will be alot calmer. You can never guess fergie!
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if fergie believe benzema will be worth it,the let him go ahead.I trust SAF opinion and back him all the way.
get benzema

forget berbatov and any other striker
owenrooneyruud said:
get benzema

forget berbatov and any other striker
Prefer to pay less than £15million for a known goalscorer - such as Huntleaar, than pay well over the odds for Benzema, who isn't even guaranteed first team regular football :rolleyes:
David Gill always says if another wayne rooney comes along the money is always made available! if fergie wants him wel pay the price!! if ya think about if ya pay 30 mil for say wayne or benzema it works out at about 3million a year assuming they have long careers so its a good investment!"!

we really need to get this guy, id say saha would have no probs goin the other way i doubt hel want to play for a 2nd rate team in england again!
Money will be an issue here.
There is no doubting the quality of Benzema but for 30m+ we can forget it.
Thats the price of players today but its still daylight robbery.
Not sure who will come or what will happen but if one of Benzema, Berba or Huntelaar came to OT, Id be a very happy chappy.
Where the **** will we get 30mil from? :D

We will need to break even by selling players. That's how we got the players this year. We have nowhere near £30mil to splash out on one player, when, realisticly, we can get a full back and a striker for less than that.

Gill is talking out of his arse. ****.
Two or three top class strikers are going to have to sit on the bench if we buy Benzema and I'm not sure if they're going to settle for that, and you can't really blame them.
thats 100% correct , i think manutd don't need strikers for the moment, and i think there is no need to repeat Real Madrid and Inter Milan STARS-FAT in the old days.
as a fact,huntelaar need not be good for us at all......look at kuyt.....he was a goal scoring machine at feyenoord then he moved to liverpool and you guys know what happened......this may be the case with huntelaar too.....or he may be like depends on the player.....and i'm not excluding benzema from this....he can be crap for us too....
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