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BBC News said:
The 23-year-old winger was driving the sports car through a tunnel beneath the runways when he smashed into a barrier.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said his team-mate Edwin van der Sar was following in his Bentley, but the Dutch keeper was not involved in the crash.

Ronaldo was not injured in the accident, which happened on the A538 Altrincham Road at about 1020 GMT.

One lane of the road has been closed while the debris is removed.

'Training as normal'

A GMP spokesman said an investigation into the crash, which happened between Wilmslow and Hale, Cheshire, was under way.

Police said the Portuguese international gave a negative breath test to officers at the scene.

The red Ferrari was badly damaged in the collision, with the front edge of the vehicle completely demolished.

The player was unharmed and attended training on Thursday

One of the wheels had come off in the incident and was about 200 yards behind where the vehicle had come to rest.

Manchester United have confirmed that Ronaldo is fine and is training with the club.

A club spokesman said: "He was involved in an incident this morning. No other cars were involved.

"He's fine and is training as normal with the team this morning."

Onlooker Jody Lomax was driving behind Ronaldo when the crash happened.

"The Ferrari went straight into the wall, his front left-hand wheel came off and then Ronaldo got out of the car," he said.

"I was shocked. Anyway he was all right, he was walking - he was a bit shaken."

Mr Lomax added: "Obviously I was stunned at seeing a Ferrari go in the wall and seeing Ronaldo.

"He was obviously shaken - who wouldn't be? - but it's a shame about the car as well."

The Car!! :eek:

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Cristiano Ronaldo escaped injury after crashing his Ferrari on the way to training with Manchester United on Thursday morning.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the Portuguese international's car was involved in a collision with a roadside barrier in a tunnel near Manchester Airport.

No-one was injured in the incident and Ronaldo was able to get out of the car himself before speaking to police at the scene and then continuing to train with his team-mates as normal.

A statement from Greater Manchester Police read: "At about 10.20am police were called to the A538 Wilmslow Road near to Manchester Airport following reports of a road traffic collision.

"Officers attended and discovered a Ferrari had collided with a barrier.

"No one is believed to have been injured. Inquiries are continuing."

United confirmed the incident had taken place and that the Ballon d'Or winner was unhurt.

A club spokesman said: "He was involved in an incident this morning. No other cars were involved.

"He's fine and is training as normal with the team this morning.",19528,11661_4764426,00.html

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sounds like he was messing with the Bentley of Edwin Van Da Sar,happy he is fine and trained as normal,looking at the
car you wouldn't of thought that,i'm sure Ferrari are rushing round with a replacement. :D
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