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Ronaldo Career Virtually Over

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(Don't Worry! Not Man Utds Ronaldo! ;))

The career of Milan striker Ronaldo is virtually over after it was confirmed that he has completely severed the tendon in his left knee.

Ronaldo collapsed in the penalty area in agony just minutes after coming on as a substitute in tonight's 1-1 draw with Livorno.

El Fenomeno was stretchered off the pitch in serious distress and he was in floods of tears.

The seriousness of the situation could be seen immediately as the Milan players were clearly shaken up by what they had seen.

Ronaldo was immediately rushed to hospital where tests revealed that he had completely severed the tendon in his left knee.

The 31-year-old has already suffered this injury twice before, first in 1998 and then in 2000. In total these kept him out of the game for the best part of three years.

With this in mind, and also considering the fact that reports yesterday suggested that he was already considering retirement at the end of the season, it seems highly likely that the great career of Ronaldo has come to an end.

Author: Roberto Rossi,


I find this pretty sad news. Ronaldo was a great player. It will be awful if his career was to be ended by injury :(
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This is horrible news.
He was one of the greatest players to ever play the game.
No one has scored more World Cup Goals, not even the great Pele.
Ronaldo was always one of my favourite players....
He scored some sensational goals including some crazy runs from the half way line in his Barca days.

His hattrick at Old Trafford was received by a standing ovation from OUR supporters when he was subbed.
He was a truly remarkable player and one of the best of his generation.

This is a sad day for any lover of the beautiful game.

lovely goal:
terrible news. Ever since i was a kid he is the best playe i personally have EVER seen play the game. I remember him at his peak in his barca/inter days before all his injuries and even after all these injuries its amazing how he COMPLETELY restructured his game but kept on scoring. Is the most potent finisher i have ever seen, not just inside the box, simply whenever he shoots really...its not easy to say i've seen a better finisher than ole and ruud but boy was RONALDO a player in his prime. No matter how little attention he may have had in england due to him never really playing here, he will go down as one of the true greats of the game. One of the best players ever imo and along with zidane possibly the best in a long time.

This is actually pretty sad news for me, was highly excited to see him in the champions league playing with kaka and pato. Would have been interesting to see, the past great who still scores for fun, the current best and the future star all in the same team.

Oh well...i hope he does recover. Injuries have ruined his career, especially in italy.
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Thank you......
Someone else appreciates this great footballer.
I agree with your point that along with Zidane he was the greatest in a long time.
He sure was, absolutely frighteningly good in his prime.
I hope he gets back to fitness but with the type of injury it looks pretty glum.
^^^yep and its not like his young and still can heal/recover and then get back into training hard for match fitness. Does he even have the motivation to come back from this after all he has achieved? I really hope he doesnt retire through being injured. It just sounds like he let the game retire him rather than the opposite even though he achieved more in his career than most will ever.

You seem like you know alot about football from reading your posts and anyone who appreciate ronaldo gets a thumbs up from me. Its amazing how even with all his injuries, the new young batch of youngsters always talk about ronaldo when they talk of there sporting heros and footballers they look up. Even pato said to Ronaldo after he scored a goal in a game recently that "you are the true phenomenon" I mean how must it feel living knowing you are one of the greatest players to have ever graced the game. This with all his injuries too, i cannot even imagine how much more out of this world he would have been had he not recieved those injuries.

I don't know if you have heard of this show but when i was a kid every weekend i would get up just to watch ronaldo play on gazetta football on channel 4. My favourite player. I sound like an exciting ten year old when i type about him but i think you can understand when someone speaks about someone who they felt was amazing at what they did.

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I love the show Gazzeta Football. Good old channel 4.
I remember watching that from the start in the early 90's.
When Roberto Baggio (another fantastic player) was playing for Juventus.
He used to score some unbelievable goals and I used to see clips of him for Fiorentina. Some player.

It was hosted by James Bracknell and was great during the Gazza days as well lol

but back to Ronaldo......He was one of the players I grew up watching and admiring. One of the greatest...
and the way people have treated him pisses me off. Calling him fat and useless, EVEN during the World Cup. He may not have been as quick but he still scored goals for fun.

I heard Ferdinand talking about him once, saying he was his idol, and the way people were talking about him disgusted him. All footballers know he was the best.
what a shame, because he is truly one of the greats of the game, personally he was my idol when i was younger, I mean he seemed unstoppable, its a pity all he needed to win was the cl to have virtually won everything.
migueldadon said:
what a shame, because he is truly one of the greats of the game, personally he was my idol when i was younger, I mean he seemed unstoppable, its a pity all he needed to win was the cl to have virtually won everything.
Its strange he hasnt won the CL, but he won pretty much everything else.
Was just looking through his stats on Wiki
and the honours and awards he has won are just unbelievable.
i feel he had bad timing. 3 of his clubs(Real, Barca, AC) won the CL recently enough but never when he was actually there. Shame really.
it could have been possibly part of the reason why he moved to milan in the 1st place since they always seem to perform on the biggest stage and it would seem fitting a player of ronaldos stature wins a CL medal before he retires. I hope he does recover though.
Ronaldo is one of the greatest players ever... it's sad to see him play the past few years and even more sad to see him suffer this injury...
sad to see, unlikely hel get a chance at the top levevl again after this!!
What a great shame. Ronaldo is a true Legend, and the greatest player, asides from Zidane i've had the pleasure to watch (due to my age that is).

My only regret is that i never got to see that much of him, except in International games they showed on TV. I've been a huge fan of his ever since World Cup '98 and i even had a really cool Nike T-shirt with his picture on the back.

It is amazing, that as a player he has won everything a footballer (especially a striker) can possibly win.

I wish him all the best and hopefully he will recover.
It'd be a sad day in football if it really was the end of Ronaldo "El Fenómeno" career. :(

It really angers me, that there are people out there that disrespect him, by calling him Fat etc

Here is what our very own Cristiano Ronaldo said about him:

"Ronaldo is one of the best players i have ever seen. Many people do not show the respect that he deserves. I would love to achieve the same level that he has got to. If i could follow in his footsteps, i would be very grateful."- Sky Sports Magazine April 2007 Issue
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Thats a bad one...........I know because I've got a torn meniscus and half of my posterior cruciate ligament is torn due to a football injury, and thats not as serious as Ronaldo's and he's a lotolder too, so its very, bad news for him. It's very, very painfull and there's a 50-50 chance of my knee buckling every time I take to the field, so I don't think well see him on the competitive stage again. It's terrible news to her of it happening to a professional footballer. I remember his hatrick at Old Trafford a few years ago, and how the crowd gave hm an ovation. He got so much stick at the World Cup fo being overweight and too slow, but he's a class act and one of the best strikers to ever grace a football pitch. As I said, I really doubt he'll play again but hopefully when he recovers, he'll stay in the game by some means, be it as a coach or a manager etc.....
Some more Quotes about him:

"Imagine if that 1982 Brazil team had! His technique, his strength and the way he comes up with the important goals always make him a factor,"

"Ronaldo is breaking all sorts of records and will keep on doing so. He has come back from all his injury problems and still produces on the pitch. That's the mark of a great player."- Zico

It's great to see that success hasn't changed his character. He's modest, close to his family, and seldom says anything bad about others."
"No matter how tightly you mark him, it's impossible to intimidate Ronaldo."
"I'm his nubmer one fan as a Brazilian but you can compare him to me only after he has won the World Cup (said before Japan & Korea 2002.)"-Pele

"Do not compare him to anyone. He will be great only if he remains himself."
- Johan Cryuff
This is a real shame. Ronaldo was a truly great player. It's very sad that his career should end in this way.
The end of the Fenomomeno

Ronaldo's recent heartbreaking injury is the cause for his end, He hasn't ruled out coming back but realistically we have seen the end of possibly the greatest player of all time. I remember when he was younger legends such as Bryan Robson and Romario stated that they clearly thought there is a player who has finally surpassed Pele and Maradona as the greatest footballer of all time. Nearly every player that has played with him says he is the best, LOL we united fans should know(he destroyed our defence in 99 with INTER, then he scored a hat-rick against us in 03 with real madrid). I consider myself extremely lucky to have seen him in his prime and I just want to thank him for the pleasure of getting to see him in action. here's a few videos that capture the essence of the man that is R9-Il Fenomino

Here he is absolutely destroying the Lazio defence at the uefa cup final98 and in particular one Alessandro Nesta(mind you he was only 20 so compare him with players like Nani and Benzema to see how unbelievably great he was)

Here he's playing against Barcelona in their 100th year celebrations in the Barcelona vs Brazil match 1999.

Here is the injury he received a few days ago that really looks like it's the end of another chapter in footballing history.

Here is the first Injury that really destroyed his ever so promising career.

Here he is doing the job against us.

We're gonna miss ya!

hope you enjoy:D
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Here's Music video compilation of Ronaldo's goals.
Excuse the first song, got some bad language in it.

I really wish i had been able to watch more Ronaldo :(
Would have preferred to see him end his career on a high note
Devilsnevercry said:
Would have preferred to see him end his career on a high note
Its not over, unless he decides its over. Ronaldo's entire career has been a High. He's won everything a footballer can possibly ever win.
OMG! Damn man, I feel for Ronaldo he is one of the best there was/is! I hope he can come back still.
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