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RichardsReds said:
disappointed not to see Poborsky or Blomqvist mentioned. Jesper was un our UCL team wasn't he?

winning team i meant.
RD said he just mentioned a select few.....
Poborsky was no use for United to be fair. He was a poor signing and couldn't cut it at OT. Dont get me wrong he was a great pro and player in his time and got over 100 caps for his country but it just didnt work out.

Blomquist did play in the '99 final but only because Scholes and Keane were suspended and Beckham played in the middle so there was a aspace for him.
Fergie is known to buy players that have played well against United and he had a great game for Gothenburg against us in the CL....but again to be fair he had a disappointing career at in conclusion those 2 shouldnt be on the list.
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