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Ronaldo doesn't want to rest

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Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play as much as possible and begs not to be rested.

The Portuguese winger is on the way to produce a sensational, incredible season as he has already 22 goals to his name and it's only January! Tiredness may slow his march towards an amazing goalscoring record but he does not want to rested.

'This time last season the boss gave me a break for four or five days,' he told the Daily Mirror.

'But people who know me will know that all I want to do is play. I just want to play, score goals, make assists and do good things for the team.

'I'm enjoying staying here in Manchester. There isn't much sun at the moment, but it's not a problem. The weather is not the most important thing.

'I had a great season in 2007 and played really well. I scored a lot of goals, made a few goals and it was a wonderful season for me.

'But this season I'm at the same level. I've scored quite a few goals, played at a good level and the important thing is to keep going like that. I want to learn more and play more.

It's not true that he is at the same level: he is much better.

'I want to score as many goals as I can. I have many opportunities to score because my team-mates make good passes and because there are so many games, not just the Premier League but Champions League and FA Cup.'

Hopefully there will be.

Call me paranoid, as much as we are excited about his ambition, it can be worrisome that he may unwittingly seek personal glory before the team just to batter records. Something he was indeed capable of and criticised when he first came to United. What do you guys think?
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I know what you mean but i seriously think he is in safe hand under the guidance of Sir Alex & Carlos Quieroz. I for once dont think Sir Alex himself will let him be too big for his boots & if he ever thought of personal glory, he will already did that last season. What else can he asked for winning the PFA best player & best young player award.

Judging by his comment so far, often he mentioned the team come first before himself so lets hope he meant it & long may it continue. Bear in mind despite him being where he is right now, he is still learning.. Where else can he learn better than being at this club under the best manager around. I may not trust him 100% but i trust SAF 101% :p
babysenorita said:
. I for once dont think Sir Alex himself will let him be too big for his boots & if he ever thought of personal glory, he will already did that last season.
Even if he will, he will be sold to other teams.

cough beckham cough
it's good to see him improove and it's good to see he doesn't want to stop..and he wants to play as many matches as he can. However i fear 2 things: 1....not to be to big and after that to stop playing at the same level, or stop Ronaldinho does and 2....i fear he will be sold to the spanish teams if he keeps growing like this. I just hope i'll be wrong at both things:D
I wouldn't be worried. if he was to smash in 30+ goals a season I wouldnt give a hoot. Great goalscorers need a greedy streak but he has shown he can pass it off when needed and get assists to boot.
Id prefer if Rooney got a few more but as long as the team wins the goals can be own goals for all I care.
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