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Ronaldo Official Thread

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Ronaldo make nice interview after Birmingham game.

He speak lovely English now too after only 2 years...
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i hope Man Utd will keep winning, because as Ronaldo said this is the most important thing ...and in time....Man Utd will also improove their game
least were winnin doesnt matter if its 1-0 or 10-0 were winning
One -Nil is still 3 points. two or three just make us, thier biggest critics feel more comfortable.
Walk the walk, talk the talk; lets see how we do the rest of the season. "The best is yet to come" ? I bloody well hope so!!
lets hope our winning streak continues . . . in time our team will improve so lets hope for the best
2 years? he's been at united longer than 2 years
then thats 4muther f***in' years

carly dont let me pop yo mo fo ass
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chiboygeorge said:
andycole9 said:
he joined in 2003
then thats 4muther f***in' days

carly dont let me pop yo mo fo ass
That would actually be closer to 4 years than days sir.

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Ronaldo has insisted he is happy to stay at Old Trafford for the forseeable future. His stock has risen rapidly over the last two years and is now regarded as one of the best players in the world. His spat with Wayne Rooney at last years World Cup has attracted interest from Barca and Real who would shell out any amount of money to sign him.
There were fears that Ronaldo would someday ply his trade in Spain but for now he seems very content to stay with United for many years to come.,19528,11661_2776496,00.html
Great news there Jazz, Hope he does stay with United as long as possible!
great news there, although i think he will end up in spain eventually, hope we get his best years!
I think he should stay. Not because I would love him here (which I would), but out of respect. SAF and the rest of the team took him in and helped him become what he is now. The least he can do is honor his half of things and not only play for United, but help his teammates evolve to become the best they can be :)
i have no doubts about him staying, in a interview at the end of last season he said he loves it here and he said he's at the best club with the best fans in the best league in the world,

even the best young spanish players are coming over here that tells you our league is the best so why would he want to leave
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