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The 22-year-old Portuguese winger, the subject of interest from Real Madrid in the recent past, is happy at Manchester United - but would love to experience the Primera Liga one day.

Ronaldo - speaking in Zurich before the FIFA world player award for which he, Barcelona's Lionel Messi and AC Milan's Kaka have been short-listed - said: "I would like to play for a Spanish club one day - I don't know if it is possible, but it is my dream.

"Sometimes I want something and it's not possible. But this is my dream.

"It's a fantastic league where they play beautiful football, but I am convinced the English league is the most competitive in every aspect.

"I feel very comfortable in the English league; I think it's beautiful, and if I stay in Manchester that would be great for me - I love the club; I love the supporters, and it would be amazing for me to stay there for many years.

"But maybe one day, only God knows whether it will happen, I would like to play for a Spanish team and experience the difference."

Ronaldo is hugely honoured to be short-listed for the award, which has never been won by a Premier League player.

He added: "I was so pleased when I got nominated. The first thing I did was tell the people closest to me.

"I called my mother and told her, and then my brother and my sister.

"It's a real honour for me to be considered one of the three best players in the world."

The award is voted on by all national team managers and captains, and this year's shortlist contains three young players nominated for the first time.

Kaka, 24, said: "It shows that this is a new era in football, a new cycle is starting.

"They were great players before, but now the new players are starting to make history."

Messi, aged just 20, added: "To be chosen among the top three when I am so young is a great honour and I just want to keep improving and working hard on the pitch."

is it just me or he seems too affraid to say it out loud... he lways says it's a dream , not possible, love the city, love the fans, love the league, but maaaaaybe one day... lol ronaldo - it's okay for you to say it...

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I think Ronaldo will probably move to Real Madrid at some point in his career.

Hopefully, after he's won all the trophies available domestically a few times and the Champions League a couple of times!

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You never know he could stay until the end but i see him going in 4/5(tops) years time. He has no restrictions at man utd, he's able to go out on the field and play his game and maybe he feels if he left that behind he would miss it. He is amazing but i wouldn't worry because i think he'll give his best years to man utd.
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