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Ronaldo gets better 'n' better

I'm just throwing this out there but we all know, rather we are told often enough!!!, that Ronaldo rarely performs against the big teams or in the big games which is fairly correct.
He plays out on the wing and is man-marked usually by all around him, there is always at least two opposition players on top of him when he receives the ball. Now it is very hard for him to do much out on the wing, fifty yards from goals with two players tackling him.

So, why not play Ronaldo as the target man upfront in big games. If he were upfront on his own with Rooney playing in the hole just behind, it would definitely take pressure of the midfield and back four as all defences would first of all be very weary of Ronny and second of all he would be everywhere.

He is tall, built like a horse and possesses amazing speed, not to mention his dribbling abilities and his finishing abilities.

We often see Ronaldo go missing in Europe against defensive teams, e.g. Milan last season and Lyon to an extent this season.
Also, against Arsenal, he is always man-marked.

So, Ronaldo as the target man upfront and Rooney in the hole with perhaps Park on the right to swing in balls which Ronaldo could compete for.
He is proven in the air and has scored countless headers for United already.

What do you guys think?

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-zuco- said:
The Daily Mail took great pleasure last week in reporting that
Ronaldo had ONLY scored one goal past Arsenal, despite United
putting six past them in two games. It seems they failed to do
their research properly because Ronaldo wasn't even on the
bench for the FA Cup game in which United beat the Gunners
4-0, making it physically impossible to score. I'd say one goal
in one game against the London club is a very good record!
Good point zucoldo...

However, it isn't only some of the 'biased' tabloids saying he doesn't perform in the big games, many respected sports journalists are saying the same.

Also, I believe there is a difference between scoring 'a goal' in a game and 'performing' in a game.

Ronaldo rarely has even near the same effect in the run of play in big games compered to against weaker teams. Often he finds himself marked out of games and unable to perform his trademark tricks.

But, because he is the player he is, and because our 'team' create so many chances in a game, he usually contributes a goal like against Liverpool at the weekend.

However, I ask you this.

Do you not think any other top player in the world would score a goal in a game against Liverpool where we (United the attacking team) create numerous chances.

And, would they perhaps have more impact on the game, e.g. Messi.

That is the question we should be asking hear. Ronaldo was 'poor' by his standards on Sunday and I believe we are not exploiting his talent in the big games as he is being marked out of games by man-markers out on the wing.
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