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Ferguson - You can't stop Ronaldo

Sir Alex Ferguson insists that Cristiano Ronaldo will never be scared to play his game.

Ronaldo's stunning form over the last few seasons has seen him targeted by a number of players who take exemption to his wonderful skills.

After another scintillating display in midweek against Roma in United's UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg win - Ronaldo was branded as disrespectful by the Italians.

But Ferguson is unfazed and is insisting his star-man will continue to play his own game and he does not need to be afraid of anyone.

"The most important message Cristiano is giving out is that he is a great player who is not afraid to take the ball and beat a man," said Ferguson.

"That is what he is saying in whatever fashion he does it. He has ability and expression in his play and we encourage that with all the players.

"In this modern day it's a breath of fresh air and he will not be afraid to do it.

"That is what people pay to see. Perhaps it annoys opponents he is prepared to take the ball to them."

Ferguson, who has previously called on Ronaldo to be looked after by referees, does not see how anyone could kick him out of any game.

"Ronaldo is a winner. They cannot kick him out of the game," he said.

"He will always get up and carry on playing.

"It will not worry him if Roma come looking for him in the second leg."

11,551 Posts
Cristiano Ronaldo the complete player

This is why Critiano Ronaldo is a complete player

Right foot goals {Open Play} 13 goals
Left foot goals {Open Play} 7 goals
Headers 8 goals
Free-Kicks 5 goals
Penalty's 4 goals

Where Abouts

Old Trafford 24 goals
Away grounds 14 goals


0-15 minutes 6 goals
16-30 minutes 3 goals
31-45 minutes 7 goals
46-60 minutes 6 goals
61-74 minutes 4 goals
76-90 minutes 12 goals

and still counting
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