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Yeah, I was delighted when he scored toady..!
It was a game when we need our "Big Players" and he stepped up to the plate..
His overall performance may not have been anything spectacular but he scored 2 brillant goals when we were struggling and no one else really looked like scoring for us..!
I hate all the Ronaldo Haters coming out with "his hearts not in it" etc.
I just hope he doesn't put us through another Summer of "will he stay? or will he go?"
Today was just Amazing, I'm still Buzzing!!!!::D:D:thumbsup:
We will be having one of those Summers again .. Be prepared for that, with all the media talk. But i am sure he wants to stay, his heart is where it belongs to, that is to Old Trafford. Those who are sure he`ll leave can say whatever they want, i said it last Summer and will say it again - He`s where he belongs and he knows it. I WILL be proved RIGHT, and you WILL be proved WRONG :)
Ronaldo`s haters are not to be noticed. They speak from their arses. He might not be likable by some, but man .. its about time to admit that he has been the heartbeat of United in many matches, especially last season`s.

He`s fab, oh yes he is.

121 - 121 of 121 Posts