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Sporting4Ever said:
Is Ronaldo a stuck up boy, too drunk at the moment in his own fame??

Is Ronaldo worthy of the praise he's receiving for his AMAZING last season??
Again, definitely.

Is Ronaldo one of the best players in the world at the moment??
Once again, definitely.

Let me tell you something. You don't know how Portugal is, and you don't know his background. Poor kid, from a poor family, who always looked to football as his way to a better life. He's on a high time now, so it's only natural for him to get drunk with it. NEVER FORGET, he's 23!! He's a kid. Give him some slack, and you'll see him come around.

And even if you don't, remember the jersey he wears. THAT, if nothing else, should earn your respect. Say what you want when/after he's gone, but until then, suport them.

great post Sporting. Very well said.
Im all on for supporting Ronaldo cos he is still a United player and one of the best in the World.
I can understand why people criticise him, cos he IS a ****, but we will only realise
his true value once he has left and we arent winning as many trophies anymore.
He is hugely important to our success as he proved last season so we need to stick
by him. Saying that, we shouldnt be singing his songs as much and his antics yesterday were a bit
pathetic. Granted he was injured, but at least wait till a sub comes on :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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